Tuesday, June 1, 2010

living together

yesterday, when i wanted to pin up the South cutout window cloth, i had to first vacuum up a web. i made this intention known by banging on the wood all around. then vacuumed then pinned up the cloth. just now, i noticed that during the night, there was a different intention/determination. this time not up in the corner, but down and across the basket of onion skins. you can see her on the right at the bottom of the vertical board. she has jude's magic thread legs...of course.

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Kaite said...

maybe Louise has moved in?...k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

kaite wouldn't that be an Honor!
and how would my life change THEN!
either way, i will address her as
Louise. I just got home from work
and right away checked to see if
there was anything new..nope..
alls well and same.

jennlui said...

what a sight! quite the lesson on determination.

replied to your comment on cloth to cloth, on jude's spirit of mask and cutout post... great thread there of thoughts grace, love how you always go deeper and try to see that understory, what is beneath the surface. i hope that makes sense...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jennlui...yes. makes sense and
you are good company there, in
the deeper. Pinkola-Estes....
long history with her book...
we read the same.

twhIch aye said...

hey grace... grandmother spider... whenever anyone in our family sees a spider in a significant way, we take it to mean the ancestors are watching or speaking or trying to show us something... maybe keep an eye out?

jude said...

all the spiders in our house have names. it creeps folk out that i let
them stay. they are weavers after all and i think they light be teaching me in my sleep.
there are chipmunks in the wood pile and birds in the porch roof, squirrels in the attic and spiders in the corners of the studio. i enjoy the company.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude..wolf spiders have blue eyes that
are the same blue as the ice in
anarctica....they shine with
reflected light....
this one isn't a wolf spider.
i love her magic thread legs. will try to take a better pic of