Saturday, June 19, 2010

today, while i am wanting to sew

this is happening. i may or may not have referred to this place as my "permanent campsite". By campsite standards, it is
luxury. by others, not. for some time, i have avoided any real thought forms about what was happening under the kitchen
sink. some time being a few years. in the last couple months, i became aware that this wouldn't work. the leak required
a second bucket. when i actually looked, there was some kind of gelatinous substance on the under sink wall.
and so.
neighbor and his son came. first, a new subflooring in the ROOM, which is where i sew and then, we began the makeover
of the kitchen.
part of me doesn't want to show anyone this, but part of me says it's important.
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Anonymous said...

We once had dry rot under our floor, and the floor had to be taken up. I felt strangely privileged to see beneath the floor - the structure and foundations, like my home was sharing a powerful secret. In that experience, there was something very intimate between me and the house. This has the same feeling: trustful, sharing.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

kaye, yes..intimacy. it's like
finding out what needs to be done and then doing whatever is necessary to keep us all woven together here. i am finding the
analogy of story cloth everywhere.

nandas said...

i am ignoring under my sink too... have had leaks that we keep fixing only to be repaired again. and then the garbage disposer keeps jamming so that everything has to keep getting taken apart.... the floor of the sink cabinet is warped and the floor around the sink and dishwasher is warped too. but we keep ignoring it. so bravo to you for not ignoring any longer... we will eventually get to that state of higher consciousness... hopefully before it is too late.
all this to say that you are not alone. keep breathing!

jude said...

i really need to share what is happening to my roof. this is all very comforting to me.

Velma said...

my old farmhouse eats money. i fail constantly in upkeep, fixing only when i reach crisis level. i dream of a new, easy house. i have put in new windows, roof, furnace, hot water heater, ductwork, insulation. in every case the contractor(s) took advantage of me. a single woman.

twhIch aye said...

ahhh... i think it's maybe a part of being a part of a home. like a marriage. through the rough spots, if there's a meaningful foundation and reason to stick it out, a deeper bond comes out of it.

i hope your kitchen is well again soon grace :)

twhIch aye said...

ohhh and if you get a chance, call your postmistress tomorrow... i think your package should be there :) (i've been leaving messages everywhere but where i should've been... here! :doh: hahahhaha)

Barbara said...

Hi Grace,
I am so sorry that this has happened ... it seems though that no matter ~ an old house or a new house ... they all need work.
The new houses are never built without problems and the old ones have their problems of age. It seems to me that water finds its way everywhere and then hides. This too will work itself out ~ many times I have had to find new places to work because I have been ousted from my regular place or it has been just too cold in that corner of the house. (In our Canadian winters)
Good luck and many best wishes,

Deb G said...

A couple years ago during a snow storm someone ran into my fence and took out most of the front panels. In a way it was kind of a good thing...I like it much better the way it is now. :) All part of the process I suppose...

Jacky said...

My roof is has now made a little hole in the plaster cornice. The ceiling in the lounge has a rather large crack down the centre...I hope its nothing too serious (would hate for the beam to come through the plaster). Maybe I should get Paul to hop up into the roof and *fix* things. We talk about it often.
Lovely to hear your stories of your home, you lovely little home.

Jacky xox