Monday, June 14, 2010

trying for the moon

which was visible, in its entirety
but saw things too that aren't there? or are, but i didn't know it?
nighthawks tonight and bats.

which story do i tell?
the past? or, the story that is happening now? that goes on, into tomorrow? is unfolding in this exact moment?
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nandas said...

the thing is that if we tell the story happening now... well tomorrow it won't be finished and a new story will start... i get caught up in what to tell as well.... so a choice has to be made. or i have to come up with symbols that can be jotted down onto the cloth with room to add?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nandas...give me a little minute
and i want to respond to this. i have just read jude's intro to
the class for the umteenth time and
my thoughts are everywhere. but
your comment is very to it's point
and helps to allow all my own
thoughts settle a little.
thank you..~..