Wednesday, June 23, 2010


ok. i think this is the one that is going to be able to teach me what i wanted to learn? above the photograph of it is the bottom
of One Heart's Dimension that i was able to somehow manage to reserve and receive from your shop, jude. can you see the
black/white/black/white border? the V?
today was what? day, uh, 5? ~as good a guess as any~ of the " kitchen make-over". Enormous progress has occured, but
is still pretty much as i photographed it some days ago. every night, i straighten it out, every morning, it all falls into this
necessary chaos....
and no. this is not a Beatrix Potter world. rabbits here, are jackrabbits and i throw stones at them as i throw stones at the
roadrunners that are so close cousins to reptiles. reptiles, in this particular case, lizards, to whom i am related, i love. but
"birds" that pretend to be birds, but are really somewhere in between (roadrunners) i throw stones at.
i woke with a jolt at about 4 something and then drifted back to sleep, dreaming something about love and an envelope on
a bulletin board that i didn't know anything about, and woke back up at almost 5 and i had intended to be on the road at 6.
so..on the road at 6:30, hauling some "possible" grass hay for the goats at my daughter's. European: a Fescue and orchard
grass and Native Grass in caps because the hope lies with this...a combination of SideOat Grama, Blue Grama and
Buffaloe Grass. These, native high desert prairie grasses. that i love, that are just the most significant of plant people....
so, hauling to see if the picky goats will eat them?
and to get the counter tops that daughter Jenny is ripping off because she wants to put in hand tinted cement tile?
arrive at somewhere around 7:30? and greet her beautiful Anatolian livestock guardian pup, the other reason for the trip;
Kadir, with the dehydrated beef liver that i dehydrate on a cookie sheet in the toyota truck. he loves it and it is much less
expensive than store treats. the treats being reward for his Good Samaritan basic puppy training classes.
So some few hours with them and then back...running the freeway like a crazy woman and home and the makeover begins
again and the plumbing fixtures that we got don't work and a variety of what ifs didn't work either and all the while, i click on
Spirit Cloth and look at all the wonderful things everyone is doing and am just so filled with SPIRIT by this and i stitch, today
on this funny cloth and think of the two vague things that jude said; about edges touching and letting the piece free of being
ART...not that your words were vague, jude, but that i don't have the energy to go look at exactly WHAT it was you said...
so, thinking of the jist of it...
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Manya Maratou said...

your cloths hit me in the gut
the round one, I couldn't find words to comment, but when you said god, I said yes
and this one.. the yearning ..oooh

jude said...

oh it doesn't matter what i said exactly, my point exactly about instructions and all that, just that some sense was made of it in some moment that will last longer through your consideration...
my bathroom, looks a bit like your kitchen at the moment, but i cannot use the kitchen for the bathroom, so i guess i will get a bit more creative. my neighbors already think i am quite strange....

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude...well, i suddenly feel
totally fortunate! my bathroom
at the moment is ok. knock on
and yes...those two thoughts you gave me that i refer to are now
loosely woven in my mind, touching
and waiting for expression.

Patty said...

Goats picky eaters? Who knew?

I really like what's happening
in this piece. I'm learning from

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

patty, i am learning from you liking it. i almost didn't post it because it was so unformed.
and yes. goats. it has been
a huge education, learning these
goats. Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.
They have become accustomed to
eating alfalfa when they were
pregnant and feeding their kids.
and particularly, the "good" parts
...making waste of the stems.
too much protein. and even more
so for the bucks.
i think you said you have a goat?
amoung your sheep?
these goats are browsers, not
grazers like sheep...only really
want to eat dry crunchy things, very little interest in fresh green
....who knew?