Monday, June 7, 2010


these are my West neighbors. and the chair i stand on to see them
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jude said...

quite a high fence then?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

6ft. i'm not quite 5'2. it's
just the ordinary "privacy fence"
panels. Only around half the
acre. the rest is open wire
livestock fencing.

Elizabeth said...

What lovely neighbours you have. Pity you have to climb up to chat. Do they come by to visit when you're up on the chair?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth, just in that half of
the land i need to climb up. On
the other side of the house,
not. i use the chair perch when
there is comotion over there...
when i can hear them running.
sometimes dogs, sometimes Wind.

twhIch aye said...

looks like a good place for daydreaming

Manya Maratou said...

wow, the sky..

Suzanna said...

Maybe carve a little circle in there for your fabric circle? Oh to have horses for neighbors.