Monday, June 14, 2010

the other kitchen

earlier today i put some things to the Sun
some hollyhocks and silk gauze
some cone flowers and a ragged something, i think silk noile, there are no notes.
i need to sit down with India's book and get real.
but i DID do it.
inbetween getting the two new tree wells dug...twice...once to the clay and then after soaking, down to where they need to be.
and the trees are planted.
and then, saying goodbye to Cloth to Cloth and hello to Spirit Cloth
and dismantling the compost, watching how the centipede which was maybe 4-5 inches long tried but then did not know what
to do and simply tucked its head into a very small crevice of dirt and hoped.

things came up today, reading people's goodbyes and introductions that made me think. Which stories go into cloths?
there are so many in my life. weaving selves together, yes. but what do i want to take forward? what can become
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Manya Maratou said...

the heat set in suddenly, with a vengeance over here...
compost, it is food for seeds, right?
so the composted stories get in there too, in another way

Kaye Turner said...

So many stories, weaving selves together - yes. And that's one of the places I get stuck with stories. Sometimes I have trouble choosing one out of so many possibles. Looking forward to class.

Deb G said...

You are a poet...yes, some of it is compost, still going forward.

I'm going to set up a shelf for solar dye projects. So much fun!

Deb G said...

Grace, yes I will post pictures when I set up my shelf. Hoping to do that this weekend.

I really want to read India Flint's book...hoping to get a copy in August. I'm just experimenting based on things I've read here and there.

Deb G said...

P.S. Yes I've heard about rocket stoves. :)

jennlui said...

i think all our stories big and small end up in some little crack in our minds... whether we realize it or not. coming through into consciousness when it needs to, to remind us where we came from, to point us to the future. well as far as choosing the stories to put down on cloth... i think i will follow what i did for deciding which stories to put on my skin, i sat and meditated until it hit me. clear as day what needed to be said about me on my body. funny cause once i was sure, it "felt" sure and i knew i would never look back.

what i love most about cloth, is that you have the option for big or small stories... little moments or story fragments which later on can be put together to form a bigger story... seems limitless to me right now... pure potential.

i can't wait...

Anonymous said...

Composting requires digging and turning the soil. Story/spirit cloth maybe requires digging down to the marrow. Both result in re-use of what was already in existence. Each piece of cloth, thread, stitch, cut, revealing layers that make up a life.

Anne Lamott says it this way: "Stories and truth are spirits for the soul."


nandas said...

and some body said there is no truth.... its all stories.