Thursday, June 17, 2010

a flannel board

i had to go to Sunday School as a kid, well, longer. in my teens too. they said things there that made me feel bad, especially the
missioneries who my mother's sewing circle made quilts for. they said things that could not possibly make sense.
the one good thing about Sunday School was the flannel board. the teacher or the missionary would tell a story and we
were allowed to place cut out figures, animals, trees, and things on it. it was a blank large board set upon an easel. the
pieces magically stayed where you placed them. i always wanted to place the Burning Bush. if you were best behaved and
perfect with your memory verse, you might be chosen to take everything off at the end and place them all in the shoebox
leaving the uh, tabula rosa...waiting for next time.
i thought about this today for the first time in forever, thinking how i want to just place things temporarily, so i could
change it, add to it or even change it entirely. but then, it woulddn't be what it is right now, which i love. a lot. so...
what if i were to make more? i wonder how that would feel?
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Barbara said...

Hi Grace,
It is Barbara from Brushes and Cloth ... I am very keen to see how this all unfolds. I remember those felt boards and as a matter of fact, I made one for my children along with all the shapes and such. They spent hours with that ... changing and moving and re-constructing. When I see your work ... I think you can do the same until you are ready to move to the next step. I know I sometimes rush at things, when maybe I should take longer to make the decision.
All the best with your work and I find it inspiring what you are doing.

nandas said...

i love the dimension that the diamond gives this piece... makes you really step into it. and the arc above the circle holds you there. good work...

Jacky said...

I remember those flannel boards...I thought they were fantastic as a child.
I now have my own flannel board for my quilts too...its and old tablecloth backed with flannel. I pin it up on my curtains and place my quilt pieces up to see how everything is working together (or not!!!! as the case may be).
Love hearing your stories.

Your story quilt is coming along beautifully. I am enjoying you using your blog as a record of these classes.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

Commented earlier on the center piece, gypsy colored fabric beckoning. The vertical blue strip, window panes,draw me in even further: Am I looking out or looking in? It takes time to see what is and could be. What I see right now is wondrous. Marti

jude said...

what if each art piece did not take on such importance and your whole life was a flannel board?

Kaite said...

what if we didn't even call them art pieces but just flannel pieces, free to be one thing today and something entirely different tomorrow. installations are like that, especially sand sculptures and ice sculptures...kaite

Suzanna said...

This is a beauty Grace.