Monday, June 21, 2010

the next day

thing is, this bloom happens at night. here we are, at almost 8pm of the day of her morning and she is finished.
this is something too, about
as jude brings forward on SpiritCloth. there is no way, really to know when this one particular night will be It. Out
late last night, almost 11pm, watering with the flashlight and thinking suddenly, better go look. and
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jude said...

oh and i am so thinking about that today, even in terms of teaching. iwonder if it is possible to connect in a way where you only need to teach one lesson share everything in just one moment? ithink it might be a two sided thing.
it was warm here last night. i didn't sleep on purpose. i don't have a flashlight. I sat for a long time until my eyes adjusted to the dark. i figure my eyes will be getting weaker as i age. maybe i will practice stitching in the dark.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

that's a beautiful old
woman, living in constant dusk or
even dimmer, stitching, it would
be like boro, braille...maybe it
would be beautiful, or maybe would
mean something to only her finger
tips. but would be an ongoing
conversation with her cloth, in
the dark.

sitting a few minutes, thinking about the One Lesson...could it be
the lesson of What If? maybe you
already have found it...first for
yourself and now for whoever wants
to take it in? In the comotion of
this makeshift/makeover, neighbors,
neighbor kids, friends of neighbor
kids in/out/in/out and ongoing, i
find my attention constantly drawn
to the cloth fragments, thinking
what if i........~.......? and
then, when the makeover work hits
a glitch, it just transfers...
find self saying, well, What if we
just go find someone with an air
compresser and blow out those tiny
propane lines on the OLD, new to
this home, little stove? and
Ray the neighbor says, yeah, we
could, but what if we just try
this first.
and so it goes. (which makes me
think of Kurt Vonnegut)