Thursday, June 17, 2010

tried to edit

so...this is what i meant when i said something about this blog being "home"...i'd originally
meant it to be to document the workshops. i still do.
i want to remember this time.
it's not how it looks, but rather that i come here to talk about the experience of Cloth to Cloth
and Spirit Cloth.
to try to understand what it is that i am wanting all this time spent to
deb said...something, that said to me...who am i talking to?
i guess i am talking to myself, to the cloth and when you all respond, i get a better understanding of what i am saying. the cloth doesn't need just is.
so..thank you, everyone for helping me see more clearly.


jude said...

yes, talking to yourself. in the company of those who know the value in that. it is how you reach others, by traveling though your own heart.and bringing it to them.

Deb G said...

Jude's said it...

For myself I understand better what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling if I can write it, capture it somehow. I remember and think about my process of creating better too. Having an audience (even a potential one) makes me more thoughtful.

Also...I think the more we can share who we are, what is important to us...the smaller the world becomes and on some level, we need that...

Kaite said...

Deb's right, the more we share with others who are similar minded but really complete strangers and who live all over the place, the smaller and more understanding the world becomes and that's very special.

I have 2 blogs, one is my yarngarden which is for everyone, and the other is my own private one where i speak only to myself. i have writer's cramp so i can't write legibly anymore and it's very tiring for me, so it's easier to blog it for myself. one needs to write things down to get a better understanding of them.

nandas said...

grace, i for one, am grateful to this dialog with yourself as to what you are doing with the cloth. if we were nearer we would sit and stitch together.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

maybe it's a way, the way that
is available to all of us to
sit and stitch together...
that's what jude's workshops are..
we have said this before, but i
am taking this thought in
in a different way

Manya Maratou said...

it is a way, a door and a key
in the end each of us holds the key in her own hands
it is a blessing to find co travellers, for as long as it lasts