Tuesday, June 15, 2010

into What if?

i'm just going to put the picture here for the moment, and then come back later, after i give water, and write the words.
but i want to look at it here. it occured to me yesterday that i still do not have a sense of this blog being "home" and
i'd like to.

ok. it's late. we'll see how this goes.

i look at this cloth, here, where i can use the little close up thingy and i can see the individual threads. this is something it's about. it's about individuality. individuality even when it's not common, as in maybe uh, pretty? nice, or acceptable? that has never been an over riding concern, tho it always is a little. never wanted things to be...difficult to look upon.

something here about that. about how plaid was said to be nice. but to me, was orderly in a way i did not feel comfortable with? michelle uses plaid sometimes and i really like it. it is comforting to me when she uses it and then makes a cat that reminds me of Johnny Depp. god knows why, that, but he does. it does.

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nandas said...

i love this. the colors speak to me... about to enter the raven forest.... i want to watch this piece develop.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

of course you do. they are your
scraps. the other parts of them
have gone to Morocco and back.

jude said...

why is it not home?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Spirit Cloth is the mother ship.
i still go there.

Kaite said...

so, what if you added more 'stuff' to your blog, make it your cubby house where you store thoughts and pictures on the side columns. embellish it a bit...k.

Anonymous said...

Grace, it looks like your home to me. Welcoming, comfortable, relaxing, magical, warm, safe.
That bird has such a lot of power.

Deb G said...

It will come...the more you post, the more you add what is important to you... Part of it for me was deciding exactly why I wanted to blog and who I was blogging for?

helen said...

Looks like "home" to me. Didn't you say you moved to live a simple life ,your blog is nice and simple, just thoughts and creations from your daily life. Your home is where your stuff is, no matter how simple the stuff is. I know I'm probably rambling, but hopefully you get my point. :)Simple stuff with deep thought.

jude said...

well you seem to be giving birth so that will change.