Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sky water

you can water your self blue in the face and things do grow, but
sky rain,
just one night of it........
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Monday, June 28, 2010

desert light

i am looking at the difference in these posts.
it's the light.
that's how it is in the desert.
some light washes things flat
other light makes deep indentations
which is real?
both and all.
that's why it is so easy to get lost here.
back to Barry Lopez and Joy Harjo,
tonight we had a storm. a monsoon storm. everything has been at least a month "off", as in
late, this year or so, give or take.

the monsoon storm tonight, a month early.
my planet is disturbed.

the monsoon rains, if they are exactly right, bring the spadefoot toads up. these toads...you
can google them, live under ground all year, waiting.
if the rains are right and come at least two days in a row, which means there will be enough
standing water for the "ritual", they come up.
so...before i tell you what that's like, i will wait and see if the rains are the "right" rains,
deep, soaking, seeping down rains.
we'll see.

variation b

ok, velma.....
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variation a.

stars and starshine under glennis'moon
the shocking addition of the sunflower
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variation on a theme/the point of dilemma

big electrical storm coming. i will stitch through. but to document the point of dilemma.
photos are amazing...help clarify.
when i am actually holding this, stitching, what ifing, it is close to feeling busy to me.
but looking at the photographs, quite a different thing. where is the spark of color?
butterfly is glennis' silk with jude's magic thread antennae.
will continue through storm...: what if i add some other colored stitches in the rivulets of the kantha or
what if more butterflies? what if stitching on some long grasses, with floating beads of color?
will try all three.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010


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kitchen chapter comes to a close

details remain: how to finish the wood, both cabinet and floor, continuing to spruce up the excellent little 1950's Dixie
stove that i brought in from the airstream trailer, the decision about the pots and pan shelves. but otherwise, done.
all is functional, nothing is leaking.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

wait a minute

looking at the SUNflower, my eye was drawn to the weaving to the right, the tangle tango of last years morninggloryvines and
weeds and twigs all randomly self woven, so looked again and more at the rest of the scene and not just the beautiful bloom.....
they have a nice little world there in that flower bed....
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

holding Place

i gave her White Tara when i deliberately disrupted her home a couple days ago. i'll tell the truth; my intention was to
scoot her into a jar and take her outside. but it was not to be. she has constructed her diorama perfectly so she can
instantly disappear into that crack.
she has chosen to stay in this particular place. her spiderly intention is no less than mine. i accept her as equal. and
as i write that, i wonder what her sense of it all is?
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


you can tell
how out of the ordinary balance is
when Tazmeena finally came in at after 10 pm.
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ok. i think this is the one that is going to be able to teach me what i wanted to learn? above the photograph of it is the bottom
of One Heart's Dimension that i was able to somehow manage to reserve and receive from your shop, jude. can you see the
black/white/black/white border? the V?
today was what? day, uh, 5? ~as good a guess as any~ of the " kitchen make-over". Enormous progress has occured, but
is still pretty much as i photographed it some days ago. every night, i straighten it out, every morning, it all falls into this
necessary chaos....
and no. this is not a Beatrix Potter world. rabbits here, are jackrabbits and i throw stones at them as i throw stones at the
roadrunners that are so close cousins to reptiles. reptiles, in this particular case, lizards, to whom i am related, i love. but
"birds" that pretend to be birds, but are really somewhere in between (roadrunners) i throw stones at.
i woke with a jolt at about 4 something and then drifted back to sleep, dreaming something about love and an envelope on
a bulletin board that i didn't know anything about, and woke back up at almost 5 and i had intended to be on the road at 6.
so..on the road at 6:30, hauling some "possible" grass hay for the goats at my daughter's. European: a Fescue and orchard
grass and Native Grass in caps because the hope lies with this...a combination of SideOat Grama, Blue Grama and
Buffaloe Grass. These, native high desert prairie grasses. that i love, that are just the most significant of plant people....
so, hauling to see if the picky goats will eat them?
and to get the counter tops that daughter Jenny is ripping off because she wants to put in hand tinted cement tile?
arrive at somewhere around 7:30? and greet her beautiful Anatolian livestock guardian pup, the other reason for the trip;
Kadir, with the dehydrated beef liver that i dehydrate on a cookie sheet in the toyota truck. he loves it and it is much less
expensive than store treats. the treats being reward for his Good Samaritan basic puppy training classes.
So some few hours with them and then back...running the freeway like a crazy woman and home and the makeover begins
again and the plumbing fixtures that we got don't work and a variety of what ifs didn't work either and all the while, i click on
Spirit Cloth and look at all the wonderful things everyone is doing and am just so filled with SPIRIT by this and i stitch, today
on this funny cloth and think of the two vague things that jude said; about edges touching and letting the piece free of being
ART...not that your words were vague, jude, but that i don't have the energy to go look at exactly WHAT it was you said...
so, thinking of the jist of it...
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

day two

one "letting go" and one just beginning
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Monday, June 21, 2010


a place where you have a clothesline.
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the next day

thing is, this bloom happens at night. here we are, at almost 8pm of the day of her morning and she is finished.
this is something too, about
as jude brings forward on SpiritCloth. there is no way, really to know when this one particular night will be It. Out
late last night, almost 11pm, watering with the flashlight and thinking suddenly, better go look. and
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today, a small box from michele...what i knew was coming, the delicate and soft spoken pin cushion, but some unexpected
gifts...pieces of cloth that are so her, you, michele. and in a beautiful plastic bag even and a tiny wishing pouch. a note..
written quickly by hand...
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Sacred Datura
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

today, while i am wanting to sew

this is happening. i may or may not have referred to this place as my "permanent campsite". By campsite standards, it is
luxury. by others, not. for some time, i have avoided any real thought forms about what was happening under the kitchen
sink. some time being a few years. in the last couple months, i became aware that this wouldn't work. the leak required
a second bucket. when i actually looked, there was some kind of gelatinous substance on the under sink wall.
and so.
neighbor and his son came. first, a new subflooring in the ROOM, which is where i sew and then, we began the makeover
of the kitchen.
part of me doesn't want to show anyone this, but part of me says it's important.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

tried to edit

so...this is what i meant when i said something about this blog being "home"...i'd originally
meant it to be to document the workshops. i still do.
i want to remember this time.
it's not how it looks, but rather that i come here to talk about the experience of Cloth to Cloth
and Spirit Cloth.
to try to understand what it is that i am wanting all this time spent to
deb said...something, that said to me...who am i talking to?
i guess i am talking to myself, to the cloth and when you all respond, i get a better understanding of what i am saying. the cloth doesn't need that....it just is.
so..thank you, everyone for helping me see more clearly.

a flannel board

i had to go to Sunday School as a kid, well, longer. in my teens too. they said things there that made me feel bad, especially the
missioneries who my mother's sewing circle made quilts for. they said things that could not possibly make sense.
the one good thing about Sunday School was the flannel board. the teacher or the missionary would tell a story and we
were allowed to place cut out figures, animals, trees, and things on it. it was a blank large board set upon an easel. the
pieces magically stayed where you placed them. i always wanted to place the Burning Bush. if you were best behaved and
perfect with your memory verse, you might be chosen to take everything off at the end and place them all in the shoebox
leaving the uh, tabula rosa...waiting for next time.
i thought about this today for the first time in forever, thinking how i want to just place things temporarily, so i could
change it, add to it or even change it entirely. but then, it woulddn't be what it is right now, which i love. a lot. so...
what if i were to make more? i wonder how that would feel?
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in daylight

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

base cloth week one story cloth

i think i have NEVER before CHOSEN to stay awake beyond a strong sense of physical discomfort to do something out of
love. or anything else, for that matter.
but i really wanted to finish the invisible basting of the whole cloth, to feel it.
the circle, Deb Lacativa's hand dyed
the background, i think it must be an old much used diaper? that i tea dyed or maybe even metal dyed...i would like to begin
keeping notes.
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