Friday, July 23, 2010



last late afternoon and on into the evening was disorder in the hood. there is a relatively (very) new
person on the road that is quite the nightmare and was being what she is best at, a nightmare, and
doing this with my across the road neighbor Margie and when these things reach what feels like Critical Mass,
it is my job to Witness. I have to sit on my back steps and listen, be ready to intervene if necessary on
Margie's behalf, somehow...i can't imagine what exactly that would be, but....and it went on into this
morning with the visit of the local sheriff's deputy and again, i am sitting on my back steps, in case.
i go to work to the moderately dementia'd person and end up spending an entire day taking her shopping and
then there was a GIGUNDA STORM
and all the while, all i can think of is
cloth. so here i am, and i want to put Manya's words here because they made
All The Difference In The World

"it is the trickster who lives in the seams and all the inbetween places and it makes me happy to think we are making a house for him. it is worth cutting up an expanse of cloth, just to stitch it back together again to make that
inbetween space where he likes to be....
inviting the agent of chaos..., no?"

these words are very important.
and i look at Jude's post, the picture of her beautiful aqua mom, and i think of what i responded to in that
post of her beautiful aqua mom and then her beautiful aqua stitches

and i's the trickster, and better words yet, even
the agent of chaos
that is really totally NECESSARY
in a woman's Life
and if i have no role model, then...more important, even
to watch my Self very very closely....
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nandas said...

oh grace... you are doing it... your lizard is coming alive. i just love how you love the whole process and embrace even what you find so difficult. you are the perfect person to witness.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Manya's words, what treasure - I will write that down, if I may. It strikes me that you are Witnessing many important things at present. It feels like an honour for us (readers of your blog, which is also your Witness) to Witness for you.

Deb G said...

Sometimes just to witness is what we need to do...I'm thinking of the raven again...

jude said...

the chaos in a woman's life. We change in such glorious explosion.
you seemingly seaming with such a tender fabric there.