Wednesday, July 21, 2010

butterfly 2 a


ok. big storm coming...It's balancing on the Rim of the world at this very moment and will roll down from
the West any second... barometric pressure, whatever that is, is sensed as changing drastically

which is appropriate to the day.
I am uneasy, restless about this patchwork. maybe because it comes right after the Cloth to Cloth and the
Spirit Cloth. i think so. there was just a natural FLOW then and now, there is this challenge.
I spent much of the day trying to figure out how to patchwork a lizard and it didn't work, lizards are all
curves and i made 3 cloths and 3 lizard cut outs and .... nope.

so...i sat.
a while.
but wanted to
sew...which is what i have done every day now for what? 2 months?
back to butterfly 2. how can i make this..."me?" eeeee......
so i went to the shelf and took down the bag that has scraps from a woman i know...the bag called Probably
Will Never Use
and riffled through...hmmm. flowers. ok.
and here we are.
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deanna7trees said...

your cloth has a become a wonderful optical illusion. I see a tree and then I see a butterfly, but not both at the same time. wonderful...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Corryna...i tried to find you and
only made myself a follower of my Self, funny, but thank you for
coming here, to my house. i will keep trying to find you..,

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

well....this! is interesting!!!!
the thought of optical illusion!
THANK YOU for that! i really
want to make it ALL something i
can learn about? and this helps
me very much. thank you!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Debi...thank YOU for coming here.
I always feel like i am having
company...that someone has stopped
by and i can invite them in...
thanks...and talk to me when you
feel like it?

jude said...

it has changed. i have too. this will be my last workshop.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

they hang there, i need to get a
pic of that chrysalis, it's very
plain and i don't know how it will
show up....
but they hang there, doing all that
i can't imagine if there is a
FEELING that accompanies it?
but it's what we all end up with/and
so...let it ride.

nandas said...

to jude... this will be you last workshop? ever? i had so wanted to study with you.... grace has been having such a marvelous time. i am on the brink of something in my process and was hoping for you philosophy to inform my path. but you must take care of yourself first and it sounds like you put sooo much into these workshops from the looks of everyones blogs that it must be exhausting. your blog is still a marvelous source for learning... wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

yes... it's perfect. I too have a bag called 'scraps I will never use' - but it surprises me how often I find something useful - and beautiful - in there. My fabric collection is like my friends - there's always one I can turn to, no matter what the occasion or problem, and always one who turns to me too.
I guess your problem-solving is evidence of your relationship with cloth.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

karen...well, my LOVE of sewing
cloth together maybe. and it is
really interesting,
this odd combination..

jude said...

to nandas... i will be rerunning the cloth to cloth workshop but no new classes are planned at this point. I will be switching to a new kind of teaching format that will allow me to do more of my own work, which is calling to me.

Patty said...

Grace, keep pushing it a bit. I think
it will turn out not 'cute' but something next with you using that fabric. I mean it's up to you but maybe something you dislike is just what it needs to stir up a reaction-a next step to make it Grace's.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

thank you...keep pushing it....
you are right, there IS a feeling
about it that it is significant
to something i don't know yet...
thanks for saying these words...

Manya Maratou said...

hi grace, I saw your comment on the class blog
:-)) thanks
blogger is sort of heavy today, takes too long
I was going through a similar "thoughts about what am I doing now" with the seams and borders etc- and then It hit me: it is the trickster who lives in seams and all the inbetween places
and it made me happy to think that we are making houses for him
it is worth cutting up an expanse of cloth, just to stitch it back together again, to make that in between space where he likes to be- like a prayer, or a praying act, whatever.
inviting the agent of chaos, the creator, no?

Suzanna said...

Hello Grace...I really like your seems to change each time I look at it, or maybe when I blink...see, it is alive! Making the beasties is challenging to me too; I go through a grumpy phase each time and then I'm startled and glad to see what happened despite my skeptic.