Tuesday, July 27, 2010

creation myths



we are evolving. not finished, and so i feel like i can continue with my own interpretation of creation.
this cloth is one that i was compelled to make when i first came across Spirit Cloth i think last November.
i had never done anything like it before.
it is autobiographical. you can see my toe in the
capillary fringe which is a true scientific term for a layer of earth/water/oxygen here in the Rio Grande
Valley of south central new mexico. if a being, say a tree, bush, or a woman, can make contact with it's
root, it can live.

the second photograph here is of my granddaughter and her son. visiting. sleeping.
this granddaughter was conceived in my daughter's own creation myth at her age of 16. i voted for abortion.
the 16 yo daughter was quiet and in her myth, the featus, (who is the sleeping young woman in this photograph)
stopped moving for a day or so. we were quiet too. then, i received a phone call from the daughter from
her alternative school. she had been in choir class and singing and opened a piece of Fleer bubble gum
which had "fortunes" on the wrapper. the fortune on her wrapper said something very close to: "you can have
what you want if you want it". she called, to say that she wanted this baby. that she had felt lost when
there was no movement and upon reading her bubblegum fortune and realizing she WANTED this baby, the baby
(the sleeping young woman in the photo) moved.

22 years later, the baby girl sleeps with her own baby son while visiting from the navy in San Diego. She
has a husband. She has a life. She has a baby boy.
She has taught me a huge percentage of what i hold of value about living. She is magnificant.
and when she saw this cloth i made,
she asked for it.
i have made a ton of things. and this is the first thing any of my family has

asked for.
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helen said...

very very touching I'm starting to tear up. Nothing else to add.

Valerianna said...

Wonderful post, Grace, I can see why your granddaughter wanted this cloth, it is magical!

Susan said...

I have the tears too. It is so lovely to see how the layers are all woven together.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. me too. teary. i am sending
priority post for her birthday

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

susan...yes. they are. and all your layers are weaving day to day.
it's fine. and good. just keep
your toe in the capillary fringe
of your art. just a toe. the rest, give to your family, your
sons. you will do it. i have
faith in you. maybe not right now, but in time, when it's time.
i will keep track of you.

Suzanna said...

Oh Grace what a beautiful story and the photo...

Manya Maratou said...

grace, thank you for this

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, magical story. Thank you.

Marti said...

Was asked for because the cloth tells a story of a strong woman, a woman who holds family and land deeply and close to her heart, both giving and being nourished by both and the bloodline continues. Now that great granddaughter is a mother, she feels and more importantly, knows that connection. It is a beautiful tribute to you that she asked. It is a beautiful gift to give to a lovely and wise granddaughter who will continue the story of la familia through her precious baby boy. Feliz Cumpleanos, Happy Birthday to her and to you for births of physical and spiritual kind, are the evolution.

jude said...

so much touching grace, my son with no child, all the cloths i have shred with him, all the wonderful things about creating, everything is mixed together in my mind like a big salad right now.
your cloth developed with such fullness.

Marti said...

The emotions felt on looking at the beautiful photo of sleeping granddaughter and her beautiful boy are touching and go straight to the heart...which is my fingers goofed. Meant to say granddaughter,not great granddaughter. Looking at great grandson is a deep and quiet joy.

Jacky said...

What a story...what a cloth. How fitting that they all be together.

Sweet life.

Jacky xox

Deb G said...

How beautiful...both family and your creation. It makes me not just think, but I'm feeling all sorts of things too...

nandas said...

you are so honored grace to have witnessed the unfolding of this story and you honor everyone here by the telling. you tell through cloth as well as your words. i bless the day you found your voice in cloth.

Velma said...

i am glad this story took it's own path and you honored it.

helen said...

Grace, I said "Nothing else to add" because I couldn't find the words to sort it out, but Marti's first post says it for me. I was laying in bed last night thinking about it, but couldn't think how to word it and Marti said it beautifully. Just your granddaughter asking for it, gives me chills, the whole emotion and feelings,and Marti's last line, you are truly blessed!!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Grace, what a beautiful post. I am a grandmother much like you. My daughter conceived my granddaughter when she was 17 and decided she wanted the baby very much! Lexie is now 17 and so beautiful inside and out. I thank God everyday that Tammi stood up to her Dr. and told her she wanted her baby. Lexie has been a major blessing to everyone who comes in contact with her.

Jane said...

I just had to say..how wonderful, full mystery.

Kaite said...

that's a big story grace and beautifully told...k.

Patty said...

Mothers are the gateway to our family
so it's fitting that they are the gatekeepers. It is up to them to say
yes or no. Your story reminds me of
this truth. How generous of you to share it and your own part of the growing of your own garden/family.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

patty...gate keepers

Puddleduck said...

What a beautiful story, Grace... I am moved to tears and goosebumps.... What a lovely photo of the pair of them seleeping!... and your 'deepful' cloth.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

sandi..thank you...and it astounds
me still and ongoing. just
emphasizes the reality of what
real magic life is. to have the
courage to let things unfold and
to simply face life.

thank you for commenting and
coming by....

twhIch aye said...

grace when i read this, it reminded me of how real and twisty life is. it reminds me of my creation myth with middle son and my parents. it made me remember why we are all here and the connection i had with my son before he entered this plane. thank you for writing this miss grace... and the photo of the sweeties makes me think everything is all right...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

twhich..yes. it IS all right.
no matter how it looks from moment to moment. it is all right.