Monday, July 5, 2010

a friend


in between
looking here, writing, thinking, i am finishing watering. it's dark so i take the flashlight to see if i've
given enough water (hose) and ta da, look who is glad that i did this.
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Elizabeth said...

The cloth picture you made of her is very fine. Sadly it's too cold here for lizards, I'll have to wait a few months before they flicker through the garden again.

Deb G said...

My friend in the garden last night was a hummingbird. I heard a buzz while I was watering and looked up and there she was. (I don't have a feeder out but try to plant things they like.) It's a very good thing to have friends in the garden...

Velma said...


bwilliams said...

Great toad picture. Somewhere in my photo box I have an old shot (back when we had to take film out to develop before we could see the pics) of a three-legged toad that lived in our back yard for quite a few years. There is something almost mystical about toads...all the frog prince stories I suppose.

nandas said...

the spade toads are out?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nandas/ not the
spadefoot. this is one of the
garden toads, one of the regulars.
there are maybe 6 that i think i
"know", year to year. there is
a gigunda one. and then the rest
varying in size, some light colored, some darker, some more
stripey. this was "daughter of
SandRock". long story to the name
but i think her.
there was only that one soaking
rain and it is not enough. it needs to rain 2 days straight and
there needs to be so much rain that
the earth is saturated and there is
standing water, along the roadsides, in any depression, in
the chili and alfalfa fields. then.
then they come up. it is amazing
how they know when it is a viable
world to breed and allow their
tadpoles to live. i am hoping to
be able to get some pics. have never had pics of the tadpoles. they are big and copper spotted.
but, not yet.

jude said...

i have a lot of holes in the earth lately, but i don't know what's in there....something escaping from the unusual heat perhaps....

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude..or maybe things coming up?
that ordinarily stay down? after
all these years here, i really
have no idea what goes on out there at night, who is going in/out of the holes i see. it's a very private world. i just supply the water.
this toad, daughter of sandrock,
had made this shelter for herself in the grass hay mulch.

Manya Maratou said...

the cicadas come out of holes in the ground. little ones.
we have moles, lots of holes! the dogs love stalking them, and sometimes they dig them out, triumphantly. Unfortunately, the easiest earth to dig into is in the flowerbeds.
the snakes and creepy crawlies prefer the holes in the stone walls
and the antcities
I won't get into the subject of mice, rats etc
a world beneath, a world above
so alive
so grateful
hiya grace

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Manya! glad you are home and
cicadas...oh, yes! and singing
about Life!