Sunday, July 4, 2010

raven again


just posted the raven as my hello post for Patchwork Beasts and realized, in seeing it there that i really like
very much the cloth to cloth woven bottom with whatever it is that's on my mind on the top half or so?
want to look at this more...
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Susan said...

I very much like your raven, Grace. I like what you said in a more recent post about the woven area - something about it being like the key on a map. I like the contrast between the organized lower half and the imagined top half. The drawing/stitching of the raven shows your hand in its' lines - if that makes sense. There is something about the way it has been drawn that is very personal and mindful.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

susan ~ yes. this is a big
What Ifing. BIG. might be how this all falls into place for me??
we'll see. re the way it has been drawn; the same to me as your drawings on cloth...they are you.
i could recognize them.
the nice part for me of the raven is that i just drew with the in, no prior lines...
i need to add to the "ruff",
i think it was valarianna who
said something about ravens ruff...
which beside their beaks, differentiate them from crows.
you are still under construction.
i look every day, well actually
maybe twice? (sometimes more).
trying to remind self that MaMas
take more time...

Susan said...

I think he is wonderful the way he is - but that is just me. I have so much trouble with my own things as to what is finished or not. Amazing to me that you just drew it with thread. I want to get to that point - not so good/confident at it at this now. You are so sweet to check in on me so often and to tell me so - I check in on you very often too. I have gotten no more done on my piece for the workshop - which is why I have been quiet. It has been somehow easier to play around with the blog than get the stitches done. But I have it nearby always and have been thinking on it a lot. Maybe tomorrow I can stitch. Have a wonderful day!!

Deb G said...

Yes...I see a key.

nandas said...

note to susan... i love your work... i just checked it out from here. i have bookmarked you... i think you have a lot to teach me. i love how you combine judes classes with your own style. .. the multi media of your work as well. i will be watching for future posts... but i do understand how it is with children... i would wait for nap time to sit and embroider... or sew... and it was a magic time.