Sunday, July 4, 2010

locust pods


and last eve, the first Hawk Moth. time to begin the daily watch for telltale stumps on the tomatoe plants.
what to do with the worm/dragons with Fiona gone this year?
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Patty said...

Do these pods rustle in the wind?

We take the hornworms picked off
tomatoes for a ride and put them
out in an uninhabited place. They're just trying to make a living too, right?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. they rustle, oh do they
rustle. remind me of a tree's
kachina dancing with rattles.
very magic. but not yet tho. they have to dry.
i just will pitch them over the
fence into the pasture like i
did before i fed them to Fiona*
(the guinea hen). took me a long
time to be able to do that* it
was a kind of violent scene, the
gigunda catapiller, the ecstatic
guinea as she would turn her head
so one eye could see this delicacy
...i always left at that moment.
well, killing is killing. reminds
me of that old song..killing me
softly with your words...who was
that? Carley Simon? anyway...

Velma said...

roberta flack

wanna send me some? i think i can make paper with them, or better yet, you could!!! and how about them as a dyestuff?

coomoli is the magic word today--a good one!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

velma, i read the words
roberta flackwanna and i thought you were going to tell me something about someone with that name, flackwanna...a good laugh.
I would LOVE to send you some and
though i would love to make paper
with them, yes, it must wait until the next incarnation..or maybe after the one when i am a dancer?
anyway...there are tons and would
you want them green like they are now? OR wait till they dry on the tree and drop of their own accord?
and also, i have tons of mexican
feather grass, a clump grass that
has such beauty and then develops
these little snarles of seed that
remind me of my daughter's hair
when she was 4...i wonder what
THAT would do? so i could put some
of that in the package.
AND do you know of a book (out of
print now) called Paper Making for
Basketry edited by Lynn Stearns?
1988 Press de LaPlantz ??
if not, i would like to loan it to
you. could not bear to part with
it but you could keep it as long
as you'd like. ???

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

angelique kudjo...adouma. there
used to be a great video, it's
gone, sad, but you'll get the drift. so after a life of her, i will make paper.