Monday, July 5, 2010

1988, Ann Arbor, Michigan


in Michigan, it was salamanders. some skinks, but not a lot of lizards. Salamanders. all my life.
in 1988, i knew that something was shifting, that no matter how hard i tried, things that didn't make sense,
and when i didn't know what to do in those days, i drew a self portrait.
here, a lizard. that said, go.
it's been a long time since then and many things have occured, and
here the lizard is again and this time says
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twhIch aye said...

hey miss grace! :) this portrait is so delicately drawn... the eye is so beautiful.

this feeling is what i've experienced for the past 7 years... nothing fitting... outta' synch

snake came and urged me to go. but i came back and have been grinding gears since...

you know you did not have to send me anything at all... i was so happy to be able to send the things and i wanted to send more. i will be sending you another couple of surprises here soon.

just that my energies have been being pulled here there and everywhere and i finally just gave in... i've not been able to do any sewing without it ending in frustration over the tug o war of my attention. (i nearly ripped a hole in one of the squares ripping out stitches) but my nieces are here and we had a real good time. but then i had some real crazy stressful drama happen and that's when i had to push my stuff aside and do some family obligations/mother bear stuff.

okay love you much! and i'll be looking to the mailbox with my twhichin aye :)