Monday, July 5, 2010


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Anonymous said...

THIS is the story: the New Mexican light coming in through the muslin, your land revealed in this cloth and most of all, the beginning of the telling because the lizard has come...Marti

Valerianna said...

Love these large "prayer flag" things... and I love the Raven cloth on it.... but, then again, I'm partial to ravens!

Barbara said...

Hi Grace,
Thank you so much for coming by ... I have been following along on your posts and I think you are making wonderful and very thoughtful work - I love the Raven.
There are certainly stories and messages even though you yourself might not see them right away ~ it is a real pleasure to see you working and to be able to follow along.
very best,

Puddleduck said...

Hi Grace... have been looking at your lizard on the SpiritCloth Workshop Class and I will leave a comment there too! Your little lizard is beautiful. I love how she almost disappears into the background. It reminds me of how you'll just see a movement out of the corner of your eye and just catch sight of them before they disappear.

I particularly loooove that piece attatched to the larger cloth. Sandi

ger said...

Ha, so that flag thing has come very handy... beautiful...!!