Wednesday, November 10, 2010

variation,variation,variation on a theme


and etc.
OK. here we are.
Patty...softening the dark lower left. i think i cannot
change the bottom of the figure, but i did change the
rectangular "block"...added and created more of a
triangular shape?
StoryCloth~YES, trying things! it is Very Good!
Greasyming...THANK YOU! AND how GREAT that you
commented...who would have guessed that from so far away
you noticed????! i am very happy at this...! I would
give $50, not 50cents! hmmm. dark pool for the moon....
Penny~weight to the moon, as above, hmmmmm. but the moon
is very light...., but then, balance. hmmmm again.
Jude~which way is the Wind blowing...isn't that a B.Dylan
song?...the wind here blows All ways at once. that is
New Mexico, and that is what makes us sometimes crazy
Chambray. yes. i misquoted Nance. Sorry Nance. eeeeee.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pic!
Saraz~Dark Moon again...on the diagonal, yes, but....
you will learn to accept me as a stubborn friend...
and...Thank You for saying it has been fun. I liked
enornously your thoughts about deconstructing on your
blog....Very Much and it carried through today...
Twhich..the wind, yes, the Wind
Serena..and Wind again. i don't know.
Saraz again...i was happy you came back.

JUDE: "just looking" well, what more could i ever
ask in this life?
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Serena said...

really like it!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Serena~i am learning to trust my
sense of things. they may change.
i will learn more and i am sure
they will change.
but for now....
xoxoxo, g

helen said...

Subtle changes, big impact. But in the end what ever it is is what it probably is suppose to be. I stitch from first instinct and tend to not change too much and assume I did what I did because I was suppose to. Strange as this comment is, I stitch with my head and heart and what it says, it says. No right or wrong. It is what it is! Art is subjective. And no I don't want to go down the road of what is really art I call all things made with head and heart art. I may see and feel something different than you and so it's really hard to critique ones work, but this was a fun interesting look into everyone's creative head.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Helen...Isn't it?! i like it
a LOT. like seeing what others
it's all quite really wonderFull.

Sandra said...

I love your lady in the corner.
And yes, wind, here's a lot of wind, I live nearby the sea, and there are lot of falling leaves as it is autumn. Love the leave mess in the streets, makes one feel alive.

saraz said...

Beautiful! The darker moon (sorry) and the red piece at the top--brilliant. I really like it.

twhIch aye said...

ohhh the red butterfly at the top... her and spirit woman flying in from off the plane of the cloth... both with parts in other worlds. and now is your moon echoing? energy tides?

jude said...

there is a spin here in this composition. a gentle spin. maybe it is the wind.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jude~ and all...a gentle spin.
i think it is the spin of the
moon glow that is setting this in
motion and i went back and re-read
your comment from the other day,
Saraz~about when something seems
to need change, changing the color
next to it? (i need to write
that down verbatim in my notebook)
well, i tweeked that thought and
because it did seem True that the
moon wanted more, instead of darkening, which i tried in a few
ways, i tried the stitching, and
it seems to be working in the
right direction and also i think
it's the sprinkling of moon
"spores"...more of those today
This is all really Great... Thanks!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

YES! I love the red butterfly/moth at the top right! The moon is looking nice, did you do heavier stitching there??? Like that you brought the triangle a bit more to the right. This is really starting to feel "GOOD" to me. How about you???

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Debi..yes. it's feeling very
close. the butterfly may be
moved down tho...somewhere near
the top petal of the right
flower bloom.....
and yes...for the moon ripples,
used two strands of E floss, split
back stitch
let me know what you think of the
final butterfly placement.

Heather said...

what a lovely piece - I could look at it for a long time too.
Neat that you live close to Wendy. I think I have been through Socorro when I went to New Mexico a couple of years ago. Gorgeous country.