Sunday, November 28, 2010

don't make any comments yet, i am just looking

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i have gone through all the comments for this and the last cloth and want to
respond to them...i will, maybe tomorrow.
but for this moment,
YVETTE: the question...what will we do with them? well, for me, i learn still.
it still is so hard for me, when i know that the mountains are "there", but
"there" makes it too crowded, top heavy, and it is so HARD for me to put the
mountains somewhere that they aren't...
or, even harder,
leave them out altogether????? eeee.

so i learn about this cloth making. have FAR to go......

but, all day, and i have only gotten this far.

this comes in response to Deb G ~

remember, i was going to say something about something, the something having to do
with a birthday...
well, i decided that i had nothing to really say.
but then, Deb G said what she did
here i am...saying something.
it's kind of about clotheslines.
Everywhere i have lived, even if it were only for a few months, i have strung
a clothesline. i just like them.
and here, i had thought i would be forever. i had thought
i would be
my self
my life
maybe not.
this year, when one would think that now begins the time of uhhhhh,
"fine tuning" a self, well
might not be so. might be a year of making an entirely
different life?
my daughter has proposed the thought of creating a place where all of the family,
my spawn,
might gather in the near future or in the long run
with the least compromise
and funny, because the "least compromise" is not about me, because i am the only
one who LOVES new mexico.
so....i may be setting up a new clothesline one of these days in the near future,
or the middle future. i think not the Far future, but who knows.


Anonymous said...

So.......... how is the weather?

Deb G said...

My mother's uncle and his children have done that. His three children and their families live on part of what was my great grandparent's ranch. And one of my cousins lives on another piece of the ranch too. I don't think it's always easy, but it works for them. They've been doing it for quite awhile.

Clothes lines are actually a very powerful thing for me. One of grandmother's has never owned a dryer so her clothes always go on the line. I have very vivid memories of two of my great grandmothers hanging laundry. I feel connected to my family when I hang laundry out, a thread of sorts that continues.

Manya Maratou said...

ummmmmmm i'm not commenting, holding my breath

linda said...

I remember being taught how to hang clothes on the line. They had to go together and be hung in the right direction.. shirts by the bottoms. I lived in a housing project and everyone saw your laundry. My mom was very particular about how to hang it. I hadn't remembered that.. thanks Grace.

woman with wings said...

This will be something beautiful I think. Sorry for commenting. Some people just can't follow directions.

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I'm not commenting... just saying "interesting".

;~) Debi, who can't follow directions either.