Saturday, November 13, 2010

good morning!


thrift shop bib overalls!
and my 2010 self portrait
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Anonymous said...

got invited to follow 'burque cranes down south!
we are headed for Bosque del Apache!
check my blog, i am taking the "flag" cloth to
stitch on!
Love those new clothes and seeing you!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Cristina~HOORAY! yes, i did! and
the little glimpse of the cloth...
it's wonderful. Thanks. Could
not believe my luck at finding
the Bibs! first pair i've seen
anywhere in maybe over 20 years???

Are you curious about me? said...

Great dungarees.. You can't buy them over here anymore.

Anonymous said...

you're so beautiful grace.

i love your self portrait
and your bibs.

Suzanna said...

Really nice photo of you and the thrifty bibs...and I especially like the little face right under the camera!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

serena~thank you. it's one of
the selves i am weaving firmly
together. this is what I looked
like my senior year of highschool,
sans the wrinkles and elongating
nose. this is a self i like a lot.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

julie~want me to send you some?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Suzanna~yes! i never saw that!
it's the beast me! THANKS!

Yvonne said...

Nice self-portrait, Grace! I associate 'overalls' with working - how are they significant for you? Self photos are great doorways to learning - especially when I ask myself questions such as what I like about the photo, what's obvious about the photo, what's missing from the picture, or 'What are some things this picture doesn't show'? It's interesting to notice shifts in how I want to present myself over time and what else moves in and out of the picture.

Yvonne said...

It's also very neat how you've framed yourself in the cloth!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Yvonne, they ARE work pants.
since Cloth~ing, i have been
a real slacker outside, but
ordinarily, i am doing a LOT of
physical labor. am forever moving
the garden's raised beds around
(railroad ties), digging around
the trees (catchment "bowls"),
clearing the constant weed stuff
with pitchfork, lets see, what
else...i don't know, just a lot
of Outside...Oh and i am rearranging all the rock borders
out anticipation of
a new septic tank. that requires
a lot of shovel work too.
so...this pair i just got are for
Work. and yes, tho, you are right.
back "when", they would have been
associated to the hippy back to
the land energy. often, they were
very very worn soft then with lots
of patches. we also hardly wore a
shirt of any consequence under
them. in keeping with your thoughts about self portraits, i
think i am spending some time with
that 17 year old self. thinking
about her. i like her a lot. she,
i think, in a way, has stayed the
Central self over the years.
Nice questions.

Valerianna said...

Good afternoon now... I like your portrait... and the bibs. Happy creating.

Jacky said...

Great self portrait and I like Yvonne's comment about self portraits...good idea.

Do you take a self portrait every year?

We never really got into the denim dungarees as work wear in Australia, more overalls made from khaki drill (brand name 'Hard Yakka' ....obviously for 'hard work').

Great post.

Jacky xox

nandas said...

grace you are adorable ... i love you and love that you make self portraits. you have a lot to teach me about self love.

Elizabeth said...

Ah grace, I bought my first work overalls in 1970, in a flush of feminist freedom, from the union shop. Don't think they'd ever had a female customer. The ancient bloke in charge of the counter (yes they had a counter) shouted out "Any dwarf sizes here? We've got a real shortie!" Different politics then.
I loved those overalls - only cut them up for patches a couple of years ago.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...'s really easy when you
live by yourself. might as well.

twhIch aye said...

i'm late, but Good Morning to you today! use to live in overalls, painters pants and levis. i saw a corduroy pair last time at the thrift shop, but i got sidetracked and didn't take them down.

have a great day today miss beautiful grace!

Anonymous said...

grace! your southern desert land is breath taking. we had a wonderful visit with nature, went around the loop twice!
i did wave as we flew by............

Penny Berens said...

Ph, yes I used to love my overalls. You look wonderful in them Grace. Don't think I could get into them anymore! And of course the door covering again..great idea.

jude said...

well my comment went poof so i am back again to say that i have some of those and i will take a picture.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... waiting to see...
been thinking how certain kinds
of clothing are so emblematic
of our life/who we were at certain when i was in grade
school and had a pair of shorts
with big mice and slices of swiss
cheese, the words "i'm the big
cheese" on them. i wore them with
a certain striped t shirt. it
was my uniform for life...meant
something to me that doesn't have
then there were the flannel lined
blue jeans.

Linda said...

Grace I love seeing you. I also wore overalls in my hippy days. My mother hated them, that was good enough for me. Went with my army fatigue jacket. I know it is your birthday month and mine as well. So Happy Birthday and know that you look beautiful.

Manya Maratou said...

hello hello good to see you! yes, my 17 year old self wears dungarees too. (and army jacket)
and I was born in November too
and my first son
happy birthdays then
and now

Susan said...

Hello! Grace - Happy November Birth-day/month. You are beautiful and your portraits are wonderful. So good to see you.. I miss chatting - hope to get back to it soon.

deanna7trees said...

love the overalls and seeing you in them...we should all post pictures of us in our overalls. I wore them in the 70s and 80s and for working outside in the 90s. Just gave my last pair away because they were much too big for me now but they were oh so comfy.

Sandra said...

my favourite type of clothes, I had two, first as a teenager and later when I was twenty something. I think it's time I get one for this period in my life, going onto fifty in two years.....

niels said...

well, almost a year after you posted, I just want to say that I am more or less living all days in overalls bought in thrift stores in San Francisco, when I have been so lucky to stay there on sabbatical and I use them for work, but more or less (very little less) all round and many other friends, especially artists with a taste for simple living and gardening are doing the same and we actually have installed an international overalls day November 20 ! hope you still wear them ! overall greetings Niels