Wednesday, November 24, 2010

experimental surprise




i drew on this gourd i grew, maybe 10 years ago?
it is one of my favorites, not because i did so
well with the design, but because of the "scar"
on the back of it's perfect shape. looking at
the scar, i just began to draw the fish, which had
nothing to do with anything.

i am sitting with this cloth this morning, "asking"
for that same experimental mind
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deanna7trees said...

especially love the fish with the black and white strip below. did you do that with paint?
nice weaving. do I see an eye in that mid-rectangular piece?

Gracie said...

Your treatment of the seam on the gourd reminds me of my favorite new idea- the concept of 'wabi sabi' It's new to me- probably not to you!

nandas said...

oh! i see a horse shape in the black hand dye! and i love the eye!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...'s with colored pencil,
"bled" with turpentine and then
shellac as a finish.
yes. the rectangular piece is
the favorite piece that came out
of the cast iron rust dye this
summer...and the eye is my first
that is stitched. the weaving
is from the first Cloth to Cloth.
a favorite of
favorite energy going on

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nance..well, you know those
horses in the pasture beyond
my clothes line.....
i didn't see it...i'll look

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Gracie...yes...wabi sabi. see
if your library has the book
for Artists,
Poets &
by Leonard Koren

it's really beautiful, small
beautifully put together

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I noticed the eye right off. I'll have to look for the horse. But, I love the eye!!!! Of course, I love the weaving also. The gourd is really cool!

;~) Debi

helen said...

Way cool gourd! I didn't know pencil colors would work on them, I have one a friend made me and he used leather dye, your method seems easier and also same good results. Is that the Dali LLama I see on that book? amazing what insight to people one finds by looking at their space. Ha! Love your "iron" cloth will love to see what you do with it all, what is that blue piece? At first I thought it was a beaded Indian piece I but larger view shows fraying????

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

helen...i haven't done anything
with the gourds for a long time...
i guess since the ten years ago
i did this one. i really like the
colored pencils. used oil paint
too. they grow well here (except
those squash bugs). i always
wondered if the c pencils would
fade, but haven't and the sun here
is as intense as anywhere i think.
the blue fabric is just a piece of
thrift shop shirt..cotton..but
gives me the feeling of migrating
yup, it's the Dalai Lama
How to See Yourself As You
Really Are

grace Forrest~Maestas said...'s tiny, the eye...but
was way easier to stitch than i
imagined it would be...maybe
because it IS so small...the
brain translates just a few
threads very easily...

Valerianna said...

Beautiful gourd... I love working with them. However, up north here, I can't grow them to be really hard... needs a longer season.

hope the story finds you....

Cherry Ann Art said...

love the cloth

Manya Maratou said...

hey, just to say I've been stitching a yellow fish
in between translating and editing like mad for a book that is going to the printers tomorrow-and they keep on adding stuff and sending it to me in panic
ha I'm keeping sane by stitching a yellow fish
and I come here for a quick peek at what you're up to
anyway, love the fish

Gracie said...

Thank you for the book tip!

Linda said...

Grace I love the cloth and the eye. I just stitched my first one too, not too hard. I love that sitting with it and waiting to see what it will become. I have a hard time letting it happen, but love the process. Just need time and space to stitch right now. Looking forward to the long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving..

Storycloth said...

The gourd is fantastic! Gilly

yvette said...

don't search you'll find

deb g said...

There is a special power in making this way.

Anonymous said...

nice weaving grace! i love it!
happy new mexico thanksgiving...
we have a dusting of snow here

twhIch aye said...

making with 'no mind'... just because.

came across this last night. it's been sitting highlighted on an open page, ready to be copied to go somewhere...

“Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working.” - John Gay, English poet & dramatist

(captcha word - hasycled - has cycled?)

Penny Berens said...

Gorgeous weaving Grace. Is that tea stained or dyed?

Sandra said...

you'll be lead by the fabric itself.
Have a nice weekend.

jude said...

i didn't notice the small eye, it seems a big eye, the whole cloth an eye. and i have been looking into it for a while.