Thursday, November 18, 2010

she who watches me


just above the computer screen, webbed
to the little lamp, actually, a web
on her eyebrow

she monitors my earnestness
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Storycloth said...

Who is she? .....and I hope to do 'whispering' too. Gilly

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Georgia O'Keeffe
American can google
her. i was not so much enamored
of her painting as i was of her
devotion to looking closely and
loooooong and her love of the
New Mexican landscape. She was
also a very interesting woman.

yes. i hope we all continue to
work together in judes teachings

kaite said...

funny that, she's now appeared twice in 24 hours. an omen perhaps?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Kaite...if anybody could, it
would be her, cruising around,
checking things out.
i have generational hollyhocks
here that came from seeds i
"lifted" from her garden at
Ghost Ranch.

deanna7trees said...

in 1996, there was a 32¢ stamp issued with one of o'keefe's huge red flowers with the black center. i enlarged it and decoupaged it on a tile and it sits on a bookshelf.

helen said...

gilly, there was (is) a movie of her life on Life Time I believe, any way one can order the video from amazon if they are interested. She was one very creative person and felt a need to create not just a desire.

jude said...

my dad gave me a giant book of her work, years ago, what a great keeper.

nandas said...

is it that one that has her flower paintings in it? my late husband gave that to me for christmas one is a treasure!

Patty said...

A great person to face each morning.
Lots of seeing in that face-still seeing.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

she lived i think to 98yrs. i
don't imagine myself that long,
nor would want to be. but i
think of her in the end days,
unable to see well enough to
paint. so she began potting.
sitting at the wheel like she
had sat at the easel. instead
of seeing with her eyes, she saw
with her hands.
maybe this is where the weaving
will come in for real. touch...

Storycloth said...

Hey Helen thanks Ihave just read up about it and I 'll try the library. Also Grace - I used a YouTube on Meinrad for Uni. the other day - so thank you! I could watch it a hundred times over.

deb g said...

Deanna, I saved one of those stamps too. Made it in to a magnet, it's on my fridge right now.

Wonderful source of inspiration Grace....

Sweetpea said...

Oh Grace, now THAT is a face to respect, is it not? Look at that lifetime of knowledge & experience stored in her face! She was so fearless on some levels...followed her heart and bucked the system and was muse to Stieglitz. Have you seen his photograph of her hands? (can send you the link if you wish)

Deanna, I have that stamp, artisan had turned it into a pin, which I wore on a black beret for a couple of years. Gads, haven't thought of that in a couple decades! it was a red poppy, I think.

Suzanna said...

I see a smile inside her looking...

linda said...

Grace I was so pleased to see Georgia over your desk. When I think of you in NM I think you must be fond of her too. We went to Abiquiu last winter to her house. I love seeing where she painted and her inspirations. LOVE her hollyhocks, so glad you have some. So nice to know you are there..

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Christi..yes. her hands. so
many of the photographs Stieglitz
made of her, his preoccupation with
her. But she never gave any of
herself away. saved herself for
her art. actually, i think, saved
herself for the joy of Seeing.
i think her art for her was
secondary to the Seeing.

ger said...

Great photo... bought a book the other day, with photos of her in old age, and paintings - didn´t open it yet, quite like its presence, just the cover, as it is for a while...

Martine said...

Such a great woman and artist.
I admire her as i do Louise Bourgois. For a moment i thought it was her.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Heike..i understand completely.
to just anticipate opening is

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Martine~...i wonder if they ever
met? if anyone knows the answer
to that, please share.....

nandas said...

i can't say for sure but i would guess not... i have never read anything about their meeting and i have read a fair amount on them both as they are my two of my favorite artists.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nance...hmmmm. but in thinking
about it, i wonder if they would
have talked about their meeting,
if they had.
i am going to think of them
together, sitting
in a very large empty room
am going to make it adobe. they
will be watching a spider

deanna7trees said...

'i am going to think of them
together, sitting
in a very large empty room
am going to make it adobe. they
will be watching a spider'
grace, you have a magnificent imagination...

nandas said...

and their common language will be art..