Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Serena said...

grace that is beautiful.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Serena~this is why you (we) need
to be patient with y/our selves.
things take time. a life takes
a lifetime to live.

thank you for witnessing mine...
it is what it is because you
see it

deanna7trees said...

what a great use of Glennis' silk??
beautiful. I love it.

jude said...

there is something serpent in your figures.

Els said...

O Grace ! I missed a couple of days and: POOF ! there are the most amazing cloths of you !!!! And I can VERY well understand why you would call ALL of your cloths from now on: I love Jude Hill !!
And this new piece with the silk of Shibori-girl I assume ....?!?Very promising !

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

This one seems to be floating too. You seem to have a theme of flowing, floating, flying going on this month.

;~) Debi

nandas said...

slithery! ...... and the colors of the woven, the ground cloth and the colors of the pleated silk are perfect.

twhIch aye said...

so beautiful... serpent woman emerging

helen said...

the background weaving looks like it is Heike's cloth, yes? the purple's and pink? Nice combo.Yes looks like Glennis's shibori.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

All of Us~yes. it's glennis's
shibori that i got a long time ago
it seems and today rose from the
basket seemingly of it's own accord.
the reason it does look so snakey
is that i still cannot bear to
cut it.
but, the "distortion" of the figures is just how they have always come for me.
i thought about it all day, why,
or rather What that is, and all
i can think is
that is what my Inside Self i guess, seems Wind.
not the 5'2" physical body that
holds the needle and thread, but
the self inside? there are a lot
of "terms" for what i'm trying to
say but i am hoping to avoid
using them and just keep it simple.

these two cloths are extremely
important to me.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... comment just
showed up...took a looooong time
to come through.
no...not Heike's. the purple is
some old old cloth from when i
used to dye mohair for these little
angels i made and sold. the
other is some i dyed with something, not being a note
keeper. i haven't forgotten that
i am sending you scraps...i am
just unforgivably self absorbed in
the moment

linda said...

Grace, I love your faces. I saw the one picture of your dolls and feel sad that I can't see more. Your faces have so much emotion in them. this is truly wonderful...

Penny Berens said...

Looking graceful and indeed sassy to me.

deb g said...

What a mysterious face. She has a story to tell....

Marti said...

Words can have a powerful affect when used in naming, describing something. This new spirit woman of grace, with her shibori pleated cloth is beautifully powerful and I was enthralled until the words serpent, serpentine woman, slithery appeared in the comments. See I have a morbid fear of snakes and just seeing those words caused a visceral reaction. I wrote to grace this morning, that while I loved this cloth, those words caused me to not be able to continue to look...and I have sat with this for several hours now. And what I have found is that the power of a cloth far surpasses language. So here in this public forum, I want to apologize to grace. While I will never be comfortable with serpentine references, that image is not what I see when I look at this woman of shibori cloth. Yes, I see movement, and because of the pleats in the cloth, it can even be said to be undulating, another description of serpentine. BUT the overriding image is the knowing that is revealing itself in this woman of shibori cloth, a melding of several woman, Jude, Glennis and most of all, the vision of grace and to me it is truly powerfully beautiful as was my first reaction. Full circle.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Marti...i am thinking. will
respond to your words in a bit...
am looking at the cloth and thinking.
it's really a great thing, this
full circle
because it tells me something very
important about
cloth making
about the me~making that the
cloth does....
i really love you for this.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

ok...i'll try a little.
what i hope for, with this cloth
making is that they could be
anything at all
to anyone who looks upon them.
or, more, really
they can be whatever someone wants
them to be...or even doesn't.
i do not have ideas in mind when
i begin...they just start somewhere, with a bit of cloth
these two are a little different
in that they have the drawn faces.
important for me in this moment
because this reconciles the years
of dollmaking/figure making that
came to an end because of
and remains for me something that
is unresolved.
so the faces with cloth
helps me come to knowing something
about that.
this cloth will change a lot in
the next days. i look forward to
your responses.

Karen Turner said...

This is very powerful, Grace.

Greasyming said...

oh my this is beautiful...