Friday, November 5, 2010

stuff gets born

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WAIT! i should have done this last night, but just mostly
wanted the pics to be present.
this is my birth month. and it is a significant birth month
in my mind.
so these photos are part of what will probably continue in
a few different ways over the next days.
they are a ReView of an extraordinary year, last year.
this child was born to my granddaughter just before my
own birthday...he is now a walking talking one year old
little boy.
and things just kept coming. things i want to have here,
where the story of my cloth is kept.


Anonymous said...

awww. a new little scorpio soul.

may the world be kind and gentle little one.

congratulations all around
and prayers said that everyone is healthy and that good energy surround them.

yvette said...

Isn't this soothening your pain about the elections....born in a nest of people who wants the best in the world.
A child willing to mature and take place and responsibillity born in a new world generation.
so so you are!
love you

jude said...

i can't say anything that would be enough. this is just everything.

deb g said...

Welcome baby...

deanna7trees said...

a wonderful new life to give us new hope and joy. may this one year old grow up to be a happy, healthy soul.

Penny Berens said...

Beautiful...the start of a new life, first steps, many firsts. And a Scorpio to boot...we celebrate a scorpio birthday next week. Happy days to all you Scorpios.

GUNS said...

beautiful!.. I wish I'd have had a camera when my daughter was born, I don't have a picture of her until she's a week old.. still, the memory is clear enough, the beautiful, stunning raw memory. Love the things you've been doing, there is so much texture in your work, spiritual and actual :-)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Guns~very GLAD you came by.
your new post is Elegant...i will
go back and take my time with
the images...
have been watching for your return

twhIch aye said...

these photos are magic grace... spring in the fall...
i'm remembering that newness, that hopefullness, that love when babies come that are directly connected to you, but didn't come through you... amazing feelings.
worry of crazy situations and lack of everything being washed away by the magnitude of this gift...

happy birth month! are you a scorpio or sagitarius miss grace?

Yvonne said...

Precious photos and a new loop on life's spiral. Reflecting back helps catch me up to where I am now.

kaite said...

and there i was thinking your GD had had a new baby boy, well happy one birthday to him anyway.

now, back to looking, down the road, you'll see it soon...k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am such a literal person sometimes
i was imagining that there would
be some astronomic/astrological
event in the sky that you knew
would be passing over north america....
and today, i went to my little
postal box.......a lovely envelope
and i never use the word
but, it was
and in it....
well........i want to be with its
contents for a little while. so,
in the morning....
how beauty FULL
it is

kaite said...

grace i've had a fun week teasing you, at times i've laughed till i cried imagining you watching and wondering. I had no idea it was your birthday month, so take it as a birthday gift and enjoy. you once asked to purchase some, so here it is gifted instead. hgz, kt.

Suzanna said...

A beautiful beautiful little one...happy birthday month to you both!!!