Thursday, May 20, 2010

yesterday i received a package in the mail.
the memory keeper from Kaye Turner
to describe it, i feel like i need some kind of special language, some like, cuneiform shapes to make the letters.
but just have my worn out Full, Wonder full .....
it is exquisite
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Grace, you made my day. Thank you. She looks so at home with you there.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

kaye/karen, yes. at home.
this is what just amazes me ...
that i looked at just the right
moment and saw her. this to me
is like a kiss on the forehead
from the universe...the validation
of things we turn around in our
minds, our hearts, so far from
one another in certain terms, but
suddenly so close in other ways???
there you are, and far away, here
i am, and we are tied by the
ENERGY of cloth and stitch????
oh sigh.

nandas said...

interesting that the memory keeper comes now when you have some new memories to keep.