Thursday, May 13, 2010


wind has become silk gauze.
i dyed this in glennis' workshop and for me, is a god send. i can draw wind with pencil, graphite, but cloth????? ahhhh. silk gauze.

Jude's words continue to be primary in my day. I didn't ask if i can use them yet, but i will...
here they are anyway:

Jude Hill
Spirit Cloth
May 11, 2010

"Today i have magic on my mind. not just the magic cloth, but magic in general. and i am just thinking about vanishing and
re-appearing and escaping, and transforming and predicting and all that. and it seems to be awfully related to making, making something from nothing. performance and production. a theater of process. this has a lot to do with my choice of focus this year. and my big project the magic cloth and the videos and all that. i just thought i would say that about that. and that has started to effect how i see all my work. as invisibly connected. as disappearing and re-appearing. as changing, and dissolving and being restored. as defying reason, as passing through something. as a performance. as illusion but not lie. as order, re-ordered.

it is frightfully delightful and almost spooky to realize the infinite variations of the way things might seem. and how true they can all be at once."

funny, i read, have read, all manner of things. these words hold the most reality of what i know so far, what i have learned and hope to learn.
about Life, not just cloth, or what i label as Art.
i read them to my daughter tonight, after we had talked long about her life
she understood
and applied the truth
to herself
which is about her marriage, her son, her goats
about me, her experience of me as her mother, about her daughter and back, for me, about them
about who i am/am becoming/hope for
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nandas said...

grace this is stunning... the ribbon does what the other photo did with that gauze that i sent from burma... what are those little squares? i like the contrast of the free form and the structure. which is how i like my life, too!

Suzanna said...

I think of a wind dancer. It's lovely.

Kaite said...

the wind is picking up that centre square and carrying it off, to places unknown...k.

jude said...

i like that little square at the bottom that has been caught in some "old wind".....

jennlui said...

oh yes that square "caught up" in the wind is fabulous! and the silk gauze beyond words! aaahh exactly! such movement felt in this piece grace!

wow glennis' workshop, that must have been awesome!

jude's words often occupy some place in my head, and often find a place in my journal... so i can remember them and what they meant to me that day she posted them... how special it must be to have such discussions with your daughter. looking forward to this with my little sprite one day.

it's windy and rainy today... a little moody, but perfect for some one on one time with some indigo cloth :)

Susan said...

I very much like the way you have made something so one-of-a-kind and so beautiful to serve a practical purpose. The two need each other - the cloth and the light. I am sure it is wonderful to see the light change through it as the day moves along.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Susan i was just over at your place, looking at your fossils. talk about magic...~
Nance the little squares are from a shirt i admired of someone i work for (Bill). i commented on how i was anticipating it ending up in the "get rid of it" box in
their closet someday....and was
gifted it for the Workshops
Suzanna the Wind DOES dance and dances us almost daily in NM
Kaite and jude i am wondering too
about that little square rising, waiting to understand the meaning.
originally was all lined up with the others
Michele there will be much more about that gate
and Jennlui those times of heart
talking with her are being set into
motion now. such a beautiful thing.

thank you all for "coming over", for your good words that also give
me more glimpses of You...

twhIch aye said...

beautiful... the wind looks to have chosen that one square to carry off into the unknown...

Anonymous said...

That little square being lifted up is just perfect. You've worked magic with this gauze.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

some extraordinary Beauty arrived
in the mail today.
Will post a photograph this eve
or in the morning.
just so so beauty FULL.