Sunday, May 9, 2010

days for making and spooky beauty


it's sweet grass, kaite. the first people here, or native americans, or indians, used/use it
braided as a means of blessing. grows along rivers, is woven into braids.
Suzanna...notices the path
and jude..."spooky beauty"...LOVE this
life is spooky
when you allow it to permeate the "filters" we use to keep it , uhhhh, ordinary.
I love that you said this. Gives me permission in a certain way, to talk, maybe, about
the ordinary spooky.
as in
no matter where we live
greece, australia, new york, new mexico, oregon, the U.K.
we look up
and there is this moon. same moon, yours, mine. how can this be?
I used to try to explain this to the child that this spookily beautiful "doll" was "made from".
she is now 22 years old and in the United States Navy, stationed in San Diego and has a
son, Julian, who is 6 months old and has just learned to
sit up
on his own
and THAT's spooky.

they are coming next week. and my son who is a chef in the fast lane of Denver. Spookier still.


Kaite said...

thanks Grace, we don't have it here but i suppose our equivalent is spinifex...k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

kaite...spinifex? does it have a very pure,
gentle, and sweet aroma when burned as
sweetgrass braid is lit
used to bless.
sage, which I grow here, tied into smudge
stick bundles is for purification.

i love that you asked.

Anonymous said...

i take great comfort in knowing the the same moon i see is shining all over the world.

it's like above and beyond all else, we still have the moon...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jan ~ yes. Above and Beyond. Sometimes
when it's really hot in the summer i go out
and sit on the hood of the truck, leaning
back on the windshield and watch the stars
and that moon

Kaite said...

Grace, no the spinifex does not have a gentle sweet aroma when burned, but it is very tough and the Australian aborigines used to use for many purposes. The seeds were collected and ground to make seedcakes, the spinifex resin was an adhesive used in spear-making and smoke signals were used to communicate with families a long distance away, as burning spinifex produces a strong black smoke. They also twisted it to make rope and braids and even built shelters from it. cheers, k.

jude said...

spooky is a favorite word of mine. i once had a cat named spooky too. i think it is a lighthearted way to express the fear of not understanding but still the awesome wonder in that,

Deb G said...

I have always been fascinated with the idea that we all share the same moon, something that we all have in common...

Anonymous said...

spooky beauty is all around us... love jude's use of the word spooky, very well suited for the wonders around us.

i find it spooky sometimes how we are all so connected (like all being under the same moon)without realizing how truly connected everyone or everything is... and how with all this we can still feel so alone at times...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

alone~ness for whatever reason has always
made the connected~ness vibrate for me.
always, since as far back as i can remember as
a child. i have memories of this experience in my crib. was maybe two?