Monday, May 3, 2010

the desert earth

weeding here has a different reality from anywhere else i've ever lived. The common
and traditional thing is to have very neat dirt. Things growing few and far between.
The elders had enormous respect for water.
any time there is opportunity, some very common "weeds" go crazy...kochia and a wild
mustard. if let grow, the kochia will become the height of a small tree and i've had to
use a hatchet to cut the stems. I learned that year.
The native grasses that i have re-introduced here are primarily "clump" grasses and
once established, seem to be the best deterent to being overwhelmed.
What i am trying to learn is What purpose does Everything Serve? The kochia, for
instance, is the first to green up in late winter, providing grazing for range livestock.
Birds even. and, chickens LOVE the tiny new plants. The roots also aerate the soil and
hold agains erosion. None of those things I personally need, but i am only small here.
There is a BIG PICTURE in which we are all equal.
Every year at least once, a praying mantis will come in the house. Sometimes i see when
s(he) arrives through the open door, sometimes am startled by the unexpected presence.
I love them. have no even tiny piece of earth for planting?

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