Saturday, May 29, 2010

just so no one thinks i died of plaid, here is where i've been since i got home from the laundromat. i wanted to wait a little
more till i put this here, but i really need to go outside and be responsible to the plant people right now....more later.
and you can see, helen, i didn't change the color, it was just on a different wall, and taken late with the flash...
yup, jude. i CUT it! Fearless. borrowed the laundry lady's scissors.
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Kaite said...

a windbird flew down onto your weave...k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i have been trying to "call down"
a raven for a while now. the
trees here are too small for
raven comfort but s(he) has been
swooping lower and lower going
the dogs go crazy.
still, it continues. the shed,
THING could be a place for a
raven to light a moment.
that would be enough for me...
just acknowledgement of my waving
and calling out.
am working outside, but maybe later
an even better raven on the cloth...
i have put jude's magic thread on
it's "wrist"....touching the pulse.
this has proven to be an important
cloth for me.
love what you put on C~C today.

Elizabeth said...

This is so beautiful! I have a family of ravens living around ny street and they have great presence. So does your cloth.

jude said...

aha!, i knew you were up to something...

Deb G said...

How fantastic that raven is! If it ever dries up enough today I'm going to have to dash outside and take care of my little plants too...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth..ravens and crows are
very strong presences around here.
this particular one i think lives
over by the river and just passes
over me on the daily journey to
more work on the cloth today and
maybe can get a pic up...i also
will "finish" it in the next
story cloth workshop upcoming, i'm

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude..i hope it comes out like i
envision it...i am not an embroider~er.., yet.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

deb, are you finding that your
"cloth-ing" is stealing time from
other things? i am. i really have to tear myself away to do even things i love...

Deb G said...

The bindweed may win the war! Of course pulling weeds and cutting grass are my two least favorite garden chores. I did make it out for a bit to cut grass and ran out of motivation to go get more. Decided the soil is too wet to's been raining a lot. Hmm...this might all be rationalizing. :) Going back to the fabric now.

Susan said...

The raven is lovely - a drawing with thread - I love that. It is beautiful combined with the wove cloth. The crows and ravens always seem to be talking to each other - or maybe just talking to themselves - wonderful characters.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Susan i am really looking forward
to the story cloth workshop with you. i admire, as in ADMIRE a
mom of two boys making a place for herself for this. it was when my
kids were little that i acquired
the habit of getting up at 4am so
i had time. self time.

jennlui said...

self-time... a loaded word for a mom of a (or more) little one(s). i'm a night owl and so stay up WAY to late for that precious self-time. but i also carve it out here and there.

i find that with cloth, since it's not like my messy paints, that i can bring it with me anywhere and listen to thread sing anytime. dangerous a little for something so addictive ;)

been a little under the weather, hence my little absence from blogs and cloth to cloth. busy too, not a good combo. but pulling through.

thank you for your sweet comment on my cloth to cloth post tonight. you made me smile, one of those big smiles... xox

grace Forrest~Maestas said... well.
and also...after Tues. keep an
eye on your mail box.
as i said to Susan...i so so
hold in Highest Regard, mothers
of little ones which give what you
do that extra GLOW because i
understand time....and as i said
somewhere before, your work with
your Sister Indigo is becoming very
recognizable...this means a lot....
i think.
xo back

jennlui said...

oooh sister indigo! grace this is perfect! i called my indigo work "my friend indigo" but i think that i have come to a deeper familiarity with what this color, shade, dyed cloth means to me and sister indigo is just perfect. on so many levels. thank you... i have renamed my photo album and category as this... such healing work for me and for you to say that it is beginning to emerge as recognizable of my work is a special compliment. so thank you again.

hope this monday is a wonderful one for you :)