Monday, May 31, 2010


valerianna ~

from Desert Notes by Barry Lopez

if you want to know more about the raven: bury yourself in the desert so that you have a commanding view of the high basalt cliffs where he lives. Let only your eyes protrude. Do not blink~the movement will alert the raven to your continued presence. Wait until a generation of ravens has passed away. Of the new generation there will be at least one bird who will find you. He will see your eyes staring up out of the desert floor. The raven is cautious, but he is thorough. He will sense your peaceful intentions. Let him have the first word. Be careful: he will tell you he knows nothing.


Velma said...

absolutely. do you know apologia? it's that time of year here.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... don't. ????
tell me...or link me?

Velma said...

it's another of his books, actually a story, about road kill and a journey. it was printed letterpress, then reproduced for mass market. worth looking for.

i absolutely love his writing.

Valerianna said...

Thanks! Lovely.... When I first moved here, I thought I would call the place Owls' Nest as I have a deep affinity with owls.... however, the weekend I closed on the house, I came to paint. All weekend a raven, hidden in the hemlocks next to the house, called and called. It seemed like a welcome, or a way to check me out - he/she was there for 2 days. I had no idea this forest was so full of ravens. Its the first time I've lived with them, and they made it quite known that it was Raven's Wood...!