Saturday, May 8, 2010

in/out sacred space

the great thing is that each of your comments highlights a word or thought for me. i like that. Deb, the concept of interface,
Jennlui the understanding of sacred space and refuge, Kaite understanding that the door, tho "defective" is more important
than a "proper" door, jude, commenting on aliveness with humor Kaye, so responsive to it all
and it you? the Kathy of my "other life"? and here, we finally meet?

weaving selves together. what did/do i mean?
this is the first time in my lifetime that i have lived alone with the intention of never changing that. There have been spans
of time before, but never this way of wanting a solitary day to day life that can finally be devoted to Art, to Making, to
trying to articulate that interface of the acre "room" outside and the 12X45' shelter. The doors and windows.
What i do outside reflecting what i do inside and inside, outside. weaving them together, stitching layers, of a life that
is not fragmented.
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Kaite said...

utter aloneness -
another great pleasure
in autumn twilight...Buson (circa 1750)...k.

Anonymous said...

I guess 'becoming whole' is something we all aspire to, one way or another. Life can knock the stuffing out of us, and we wear holes in ourselves... but our natural state is to be whole, and when we listen to what it is we need, we can repair ourselves - and others, too, sometimes. Your words really touch me, Grace. Thank you.

Deb G said...

Oh Grace...I am so glad that you have decided to start a blog. I think you have quite the story to tell. I think perhaps a blog can be an interface with the world...

jude said...

well this door is just grand, just an outline of a place where you might pass through more than once. or at least be thinking about it.

Velma said...

a seussian portal.

Suzanna said...

That winding pathway does beckon. What a gift to have days for making; you say it so well.

jennlui said...

a life that is not fragmented, love this grace! alone is not a bad thing as long as one is happy in that life. my daughter is almost 3 years old and when she is grown and i am back to only caring for myself, i do envision a more solitary life, a country life alone. but not lonely or feeling alone. but content with being just me. me and nature.

this portal of yours is magnificent truly! like you could walk through it and become transformed or the landscape transformed. like magic :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the portal...the gate
is probably one of the most loved things
i found that piece of wood that i think of as
the snake wood
in arizona on a piece of land that i stayed
at for a while
in an arroyo. it has history, as: part of the
the fragmented life...well, that may be talked
about here over time or not. I don't know.
is a very good and contented thing for me, a
gift that i am finally giving myself.
but alone, not to be misleading, also includes
that my daughter is 60 some miles from me
and way closer in our exchanges day to day.
I was happy, jennlui, to find out that your
partner in crime is a girl child. I love my
son enormously, but it's the girl children
that challenge and cause enormous growth.
so, bueno, as is said here in N mex.

twhIch aye said...

that gate is amazing... looks like when you step through it, :things: change...

have so many hopes for daughters. all my children are like a piece of me :floating: out in the world, but daughter... there's just a little more tug on the cord

got sick several years back and sickness showed me how much i like being alone... being quiet. i like being with my self. there's so much to do and discover and remember...