Tuesday, December 14, 2010

something just happened




that gives me a Great Burst of Hope
for this coming new year ~

i always pay attention to new "company" on
the journey...people who sign on in the little
following box
just now, i see
manhandled threads
and i am surprised and wondering about the
great sense of happiness this brings, reading
his blog words....
and it weaves in perfectly with these things
pictured that have been on my mind this week
and with the thoughts this morning of
my son

and the baby man that is the son of my granddaughter

so, Joe
Welcome here and i am so glad you have come.
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nandas said...

there are more and more men quilters... and i say, why not? seems though that there's not too many in jude's style... yet... not that i know for sure what joe's style is... joe..i hope to see some of your work soon! and welcome!

nandas said...

i forgot... is the little buddha on your stove new? is he actually a buddha or is he tenzin?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nance~i used to work for two older
women and when one died, the other
let me choose something of June's.
this was just always referred to
as "the child Buddha". i've had
it maybe 16 or 17 years...not
always on the stove. sometimes
he goes outside and then sometimes
watches through different windows.

joe said...

thank you grace, for such a warm welcome! it's nice to know that one's presence can become a mental wooley scarf that hugs others with warmth and tickles joy in their spirit! i hope i do not disappoint, but am content to enjoy the beauty that so many of you already create...