Sunday, December 5, 2010

more and wondering......



before i forge ahead....i am wondering.
i have used colored pencil on the area of
the mountain ridges, bled it with turpenoid. on
the far right, did this ~after~ i'd stitched, so
colored pencil is on stitch thread too. have
this feeling that it is kind of "cheating"...
but i didn't want to put fabric there, as in
applique a piece, even silk gauze, which was
tempting...and maybe i still will do that...
but i for what ever reason wanted to stitch it
but also the floss was too defined of colors.
thread i used is some very fine weaving silk that
Martha the weaver had thrown out...kind of a
neutral almost wheat. in the midst of all this,
i am thinking of dyeing threads, silk threads,
even for this cotton muslin stitching...i like
using it a lot...different quality makes it good
for diffused images.
so, halfway through the day.
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Els said...

Wonderful how this piece is evolving, Grace!
Why "cheating"?? ..looks like variegated thread to me. And why not? I think this colourpencil works lovely! There are no rules, right or wrong or cheating ...
I love the pale star winding around the moon.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Els~ thank you for your comment..
it's that i think i've never seen
anyone do,
cloth is cloth
and drawing is drawing...
pencil is pencil
thread is thread
and if no one does it, then there
is a reason????
yes...a pale star winding around
the moon..nice words for that...
thank you~~~~~~

helen said...

The only reason someone doesn't do something, is usually because they didn't think of it. I would call that being innovative. Don't criticize yourself, embrace the idea! Looks good! There is no cloth is cloth, etc. together it's called mixed media.My motto: if it works it's fine to do.

linda said...

Even Jude uses her pitt pens and I have done that with some of my cloth. It looks like it belongs.

deanna7trees said...

mixed media artists put everything in their art,grace. even paper mixed with cloth and paint. if you do a google image search for 'mixed media art' you will see everything under the sun combined.
and like Helen said, you are being innovative and creative if you are doing something you have never seen before.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes., the pitt pens yes, because
they emphasize, define a subtle
little something, but what i
did here was different, in that
it became a significant component
to the whole.
Deanna, mixed media...this is
true, it's very MIXED
but that isn't where i want to
go; my Heart is with just cloth..
so...we'll see where this ends up
on this piece...i am thinking of
doing more of the colored pencil
on the bottom with the silk stitching and that should give me
more of a good sense of it.