Saturday, December 18, 2010



little guy
the original plan was to make a giraffe cape too, for
Julian, with a hood. after today, i am thinking...hmmmm.
so..don't know what will rise up within me tomorrow.
but here we are.
Why does he love giraffes? how interesting. being
ONE, where does his preference come from? one wonders.
and he loves
more than the usual love of softness.

hand puppets: puppets often say things that
people are unable to articulate. even very
little people.
it's been a looong time since i made a
puppet. am thinking about them now.
his mom will take one of their big moving
boxes and make a little puppet theater
of it...which is just to cut a window
behind a big enough space of box for a
person to hide.
if it turns out that i "go there", to
where they do, or near
i think i might make a fancier puppet
theater. of wood and with
painted with beauty Full designs.
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nandas said...

stellar! much better than ok... more than fine as a friend of mine says. they will have so much fun playing. love the big eyes with big eyelashes!

Suzanna said...

Oh giraffes! Instead of reindeer maybe...they are so extraordinary...

Marti said...

The best gifts for children, no matter what age, are the ones that let them use their imaginations. Julian will have such wonderful times with his giraffe and playing with his Mama and her giraffe. More than likely the puppet will be loved, chewed, dragged in dirt, slobbered on and will look a little raggedy by next Christmas but that's just a sign that it has been well loved and has brought big joy.

linda said...

I got to go to Kenya last year. I went to a giraffe sanctuary. The giraffe were so tame you could put a piece of food between your teeth and they would eat it out of your mouth.. uuuuuuu. I didn't do it but have pictures of my partner with a giraffe at her face. She said his mouth was so soft. Their eye lashes were very long.
I think giraffes are incredible animals and it is wonderful that a child sees that too. He has a great grammy to make something this wonderful for him.

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

He's going to have so much fun with these, they're wonderful!

;~) Debi

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i forgot the odd knubby horns.

Deb G said...

Oh they are wonderful.... Puppets are a magical thing for a child. Your mama and baby set make me think of the children's book "Hug."

Els said...

Ah playing with puppets .... never a dull moment!
When I was working as a teacher with the young ones (age 4 - 6)I loved to play with our special puppet who "lived" in our classroom....always a succes !!!
The little man will love these two

Manya Maratou said...

popped in to say hi.HI. there is some "moving" talk?I do love the puppets- and I enjoy playing with children- babies and puppets. the idea of a great-grandson seems overwhelming. it is fascinating to think about.goodnight, grace