Thursday, December 2, 2010

be patient

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it will all fall into place................. i think.
we don't much give credit to our mind/heart keeping
as much track of us as it does...this is a pic from
ll/27/07. i went back
through reams of pics, looking for a particular one
which i guess was lost when the computer went down
that time
it was of the three of us. me, daughter, granddaughter
building the door to the ROOM is one of daughter and i working on the ROOm.

the ROOM is what we made for these window hangers.
these window hangers mean
than i consciously am aware of
at this moment in time, this
am listening, watching, opening
to whatever it is


yvette said...

patience is needed here...haver a nice weekend

Penny Berens said...

Nice, making or building things together.

cristina said...

reading your last 3 posts..........
you hold such wisdom and insight.
and to build something so large?
i am in awe.

helen said...

And what did you use your "ROOM" for before this last year of stitching? Was it just "your place"?

jude said...

a room is such a personal space concept.