Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comfort Zone


what if
this was all i had to work with
and suddenly,
became very important.
how would i make these
pieces of cloth as
beautiful as i possibly could?
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Penny Berens said...

It's already beautiful Grace. To me it is looking like one of those little roadside altars from central american cultures. Not that I have ever seen one and I'm not sure that is what they are called. Probably saw a picture in National geographic many years ago.

Marti said...

It already is because it incorporates a winter landscape with the backdrop cloth then the bits of color, especially the green - sigh. But if you feel it needs more, maybe a bit of a surprise with a few tiny tassels wrapped around tiny bells and pine cones...or a bit of stitching to echo garlands across the cloth.

Susan said...

It is already beautiful, grace. I agree with Marti on the bells - for tiny hands to touch and jingle. Will this be for your little holiday visitor?

linda said...

I would say, if that is all you have to work with, you lucked out. It is gorgeous. I love the tree and the forest .. I like the other ideas that came before. I think with a little stitching you will have a Christmas cloth.

nandas said...

i agree! it is already beautiful. when i first looked at it i thought of a temple. so now a temple of christmas? little ornaments? bells, snow falling? a present under the tree?

jude said...

this holiday season can gring the best out in us. let's accept that.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Jaxx said...

The beauty is on its way...just waiting to show itself.

woman with wings said...

I like your question. Sometimes I think about women's lives in the past and how they were able to create little spots of beauty with so little. Their limits made them stretch in ways we normally don't because we don't need to.
Your piece will be wonderful. And I hope I understood your words correctly?

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I love these layers and can't wait to see how you make this come alive. I also thought of a temple when I first saw this... and then the hidden tree jumped out at me! You're well on your way to a beautiful holiday cloth!

;~) Debi