Friday, December 3, 2010

Helen asked




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what did you use the ROOM for, before Spirit Cloth which i think i will
refer to as bSc.
Jude said:
"a room is such a personal space concept"
so...i liked your question, Helen. and all day i thought.
what DID i do.
well, i did make some things...trying to get back to
feeling of them. gourds. fiber figures.
i GREW a lot of things and spent maybe almost a
year with Sharon Astyk's work Depletion and Abundance
trying to learn all i could about what "Sustainable"
ment...individually, here, as a member of my community
here and as a citizen of the planet.
i looked at my kids when they were here and then
at their pics when they had left. i thought about
i looked at my self. who on earth is She?

i guess i learned a lot. and i brought it all into
this Room.
the Room was i think a statement for me of having
it was a celebration of that. of having imagined
something that didn't happen as it had been imagined.
and then enduring the reality until .... hmmmm
until it freed me.
the Room was the "gesture: of that. my daughter,
jenny, and i smashed out, cut out with a sawzall
the wall of the trailer and made the ROOM.
i need to think more about this now.
but, Helen, that's what i did, pretty much.


deb g said...

So many beautiful images Grace...a space that holds so much.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

deb g~

nandas said...

the beautiful blue bowl of honor
the pickles and tomatillas
the hand hewn faces.. so expressive
the hoop house
your family
the goats
that gorgeous rag rug... spirit cloth...
even before you knew jude
you must be in a reverie...
i am and it isn't even my life!

Are you curious about me? said...

Your words describe you as a butterfly emerging from its crystallis.....Finally free.... I am so happy for you.

Penny Berens said...

Thank you for sharing these last series of images. A magical room for a special person.

jude said...


Patty said...

A room lit with imagination, love and possibilities. I really like bc2c-that is so true for me also...
the opening that happened ac2c!

Deb G said...

You know, I read Sharon's blog pretty regularly for over a year. Tried the 90% thing.... Still at 90% for most things. Not heat and water, but not too bad either. :)

helen said...

All in all the "room" gave you space to develop and grow yourself. It helped you to be who you are. I see it worked out well for you, as I said before, you seem content with your life, and that says alot. The growth and contentment will continue even more with the stitching. Hey ho!