Saturday, October 2, 2010

for Kaite, the dogs


this was this morning. the new, in process futon cover tested out...squashed. frumpy.
tomorrow, it will be a different story.
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deanna7trees said...

awww....they love it. so sweet.

kaite said...

they're just so comfortable, i wouldn't disturb them grace. thanks for introducing them to me...k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

kaite~ hmmm. disturb.
the closest to the camera is Tulip, the mother of the next two.
Tulip was a pound dog. She was
the wife of Como Tu, a chihuahua.
he died in a street fight a few
years ago. (as chihuahuas often
then is Lily, Tulip's daughter and
next, Ramon, Tulip's son. her
other son Markie was murdered in the same street fight as his dad.
then is
Chinche...means bed bug in spanish,
the "normal" dog as in not chihuahua/terrier. she is really
MY dog. the others occurred because of the man i was married to.
it's all another loooooooong story
but, the couch is theirs and
that's how that is.

nandas said...

oh... those dogs. what characters they are... the cloth looks good and i suppose they have now approved. good work.

jude said...

ramon looks windblown

Suzanna said...

All curled up and Listening! What ears! A very peaceful scene...

kaite said...

hah ha - when you said "tomorrow it will be a different story" i thought you were talking about the dogs, and meant you were going to move them off your futon cover. Blogspeak - it has several meanings!
Thanks for introducing them, names and all, i wouldn't let Ramon out onto the street, it's dangerous out there, poor little pets. k.

Patty said...

They remind me of a music score-or a sentence along that couch. And whew-they've certainly paid their dog "dues"!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

rural New Mexico comes with
dogs dogs dogs
dogs doing what dogs do and
for whatever reason, this end
of the road is for the honeymoon.
it's pretty awfull. one female
in heat and maybe a dozen males
all vying for position, all sizes
and this will go on for days until
she chooses and the deed is done.
i have never been much for small
dogs...they were my husband's.
but they are here and
very much a part of my world.
the half acre that is their world
has been over and over patched
and fortified with things like
chickwire buried at the bottom of
the fence...which is that wooden
privacy fence... you have no idea.
but chihuahuas are agressive and
determined and over and over, as
soon as i would leave the house,
they would begin to excavate.
and they are all NEUTERED! Whaa!
they still want to get in on the
it's been a while now though...i
done think there is an inch that
isn't blocked, maybe.
time tells.

Sweetpea said...

Now that is my kind of couch - dogland - perfection!

Yvonne said...

A dog nest! Love the name 'Chinche'.

Susan said...

Sweet pups - all in the cinnamon bun sleeping position - all curled up in a twist. We share most of our furniture with our dog - although it gets harder for her to jump up much. What is your dog's name?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Susan.. there is Tulip. she is
the mother of Ramon and Lily.
then, Chinche (in spanish, bedbug)
the "normal" dog.

i have always had big dogs.
my one best most loved dog was
half Mexican Grey Wolf and half
black german shepard.
his name was
Winter Sky at Twilight
he started running horses where i
lived then.
not ok
and a man who worked for the
dept. of land management took him.
he jumped an 8ft fence. it was his
these dogs are little and have
small lives, but none the less
Ramon, who i named that, to give
him a sense of manliness, is
a mess.
he, and his sister Lily, are
about 8 years old? the year after
sept llth...
when was that....
anyway...his teeth are a problem.

Susan said...

Oh yes - the bedbug name - I like that. I just couldn't count that day or something! Ha! So four dogs - that's enough for a pack - who is top dog? Winter Sky is an interesting story - sad ending. I bet he was beautiful. Sorry I am getting stuck on the dogs...

Sandra said...

Great picture of your dogs.