Thursday, September 30, 2010

What if


i dyed strands of this to use on that little
Girl Scout Loom?
what is it called,?,??
knitcroshene or something?
cotton crochet thread...
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Anonymous said...

i use this stuff for warp all the time. There are three ways to weave, one where the warp shows, one where it doesn't and one where both warp and weft show. i am starting with #3. but i will talk about that soon. ,

kaite said...

if it's a cotton crochet thread it's probably mercerised and that means it should dye up easily. good idea. I often use perle cotton to weave with, similar stuff. kaite

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

watching, listening,

Valerianna said...

A very zen photo.... when I saw it at first I thought it the thread was an interesting lamp or a vessel.....

deanna7trees said...

my little loom is out but so many choices of thread since i do bobbin lace, tatting and crochet. sometimes there are too many choices. i, too, will wait, watch and listen until the right time comes along.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

deanna...i am waiting because i
have NO CLUE about weaving, really.
of course understand the basic
concept because i look closely at
cloth...but how to begin..
i was good at crochet, but the
need to keep track as in knitting
etc was always beyond me...counting
pattern etc.
so, eeee...............
but i did order one of these looms
...looks exactly the same....when
i ordered the greatgrandbaby's
first birthday present.
i am a late bloomer in some ways

nandas said...

and you are planning to weave julian's present?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nance...i am laughing. No! i
don't know HOW to weave. at all.
but what i am getting him is almost
as crazy...
a keyboard. not a baby one, but
a cheap casio. it has all those
variations, waltz, samba, salsa,
etc. he LOVES music and he LOVES
trying to use his mama's computer
keyboard. i thought that they
could make up songs together, sing.
nutz, huh. oh well.
the's the little bead
loom on jude's blog..
actually what i have in my mind
floating around is a very very
looosely woven thing of just string.
i don't know if that is even

nandas said...

oh grace you are too good. that is the perfect present for julian... maybe he will not have to play it with his socks! but as to the weaving, of course you can do it and i think a basic weaving of string will be oh so lovely... like a woven block of muslin with just the stitching.

Penny Berens said...

Grace: I too thought you had created a beautiful container of some sort! My crochet cotton or whatever it's called doesn't look as beautiful!

Marti said...

Learning at all ages: great grandmama grace with her little bead loom. Julian with his keyboard, music from both as grace hums to see thread weaving, as Julian pounds and plays and sings and the freeze frame of this is a lovely snapshot of family.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Marti..yes it is ~
and you created it with your



grace Forrest~Maestas said... is really elegant, isn't
it. i bought it last year when i
went into Albuquerque to get some
embroidery floss...upon finding
Spirit Cloth. it was just near
the floss rack and though i had
no need for it, i did love it's

Suzanna said...

The little man seems also to be admiring it...

Anonymous said...

I wind cotton crochet thread into hanks, dye it and stitch with it. I have a little weaving frame (hubs made it for me) and I've used the crochet cotton as a warp on that.