Wednesday, October 6, 2010

where i am today


so, Whispering is down the road a little further.

maybe then it is a good time to look quietly and long
at this cloth journey so far. these, all unfinished
that were begun first in Cloth to Cloth, then through
Spirit Cloth and on through Beasts. The two sent off
were the only two that were finished.
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deanna7trees said...

this is a good idea---to put them all up to eye level and just gaze...and then make decisions...i love your baskets.

Mo'a said...

So great to see all your workshop pieces together...minus two.
They all have your stamp on them.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the basket on the right is one
that the New Mexico Farmer's
Markets mothership sells to local
Farmer's Markets. they are $25
which is a great price. they are
Work baskets...will last forever.

helen said...

Wow! yes, good idea to post all together to see at a glance.I can't believe how many you have there plus the two you sent. and the futon cover, I need to group mine and see what all I have since the same start date. Lots of great pieces here! I remember most.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Mo' "stamp". that is what
i am wondering of
the things....

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Helen...remembering, yes. i
remember so much about each, about
actual moments in time, here and
in the classes.
i wish you would get your pic
skills together....
if i can, anyone can.

Elizabeth said...

grace, these look wonderful together. Like a short story collecton where everything is made richer by the accompanying pieces.

Anonymous said...

i do this a lot. sometimes for a long time. i see something consistent here but i can't nail it down yet.

Dreamer said...

Just spent a little time looking over your blog and got such a kick out of the mystery loom.. too funny!!! So cute how Gracie politely and carefully revealed the mystery... adorable.!! Love all the pieces that you have on your board.. just lovely!! I am beginning to be overrun with dyed cloths. Need to finish something soon! What a great group of ladies here!!! : )

nandas said...

i love them all together as well...yes it does present a gathering of what your vision has been so far. soft natural colors, the elements of nature, human (self) and the land that surrounds you. you are not finished yet soooo we will see better then, of course. but there is a start of your "voice".

Suzanna said...

I like to see them all together too, Grace...and the later picture of them in the twilight. They all breathe together.