Sunday, October 3, 2010

23 pints


21 in jars for the pantry, 2 pints in the freezer =
no progress on the futon cover. sometimes you need
to give something to get something.
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jude said...

i stacked a lot of wood today. what's in the jars?

Marti said...

Abbondanza, abundance, riches. Your kitchen must smell heavenly from those tomatoes. When we fill our pantry with food that we have grown or purchased and put up ourselves, it is such a sense of accomplishment. Just imagine grace, one night in December, frost, wind and snow on the ground, inside on your stove, a pot of sauce made from the work that you did deeply gratifying.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

and marti
tomatoes. i thought at one point
that there would not even be some
to slow, this growing season. the little starts from
seed put out and they just stood
there, small, still, in their
large tomatoe "cages"...just stood
and stood, well into may and then
june, began to grow.
i don't want to make more of it
than it is or might be, but even
all the old people say it was an
odd year.
even when the rain DID come, it
didn't seem like the rain usually
seems...ordinarily, things LEAP
forward with rain. this year...
not. or that's what it seemed.
i might be wrong. still thinking
about all this. we are in October and
still tomatoes ripening.
the rest though will be for giving
and eating.
enough in the jars, for those
months of deprivation...those
times when, yes, marti...a pot of
sauce from this year's plants.
who, by the way, had only
child of Hawk Moth.
i let it.
ate here and there, but since
i could spare it, i shared it.
back to the stitching.

nandas said...

i will be canning more tomatoes soon... probably mon afternoon or tues. then the soup... this year i am canning soup for the first time. i love seeing your jars... i still have mine on the counter.. only half of the relish has gone to the pantry...stitching takes time and so there they sit first half of the tomatoes and the relish and some jam. it will all get done in due time.

kaite said...

do you grow chillis as well to make chilli tomato relish? k.

Jacky said...

How productive and what a feeling of accomplishment you must feel gazing at all of your bottles lined up on the bench .... no waste, saving $$ and homegrown produce to boot...what could be better!
You can sit and stitch later.

Jacky xox

Penny Berens said...

Our tomatoes this year were very poor, your plants certainly produced lots in the end. This year I focused on Zucchini relish....yummy in the depths of winter.
By the way LOVE your pups.

Are you curious about me? said...

23 pints of what? It would be beer here in the UK... he! he!, but tomatoes sound good to me. Our crop was not very good at all, blight/black spot was a problem.

I would love to have those stashed away for the winter.. A joy.

artymess said...

I liked your background wall I had to enlarge it to see it was collage ........Lorna

Storycloth said...

Yum and cosiness is all I can say. Am almost standing there with you looking at the jars of richness. Gilly x

grace Forrest~Maestas said... Artymess and more,
love Candace. will definately
want to keep track of her...

the wall was collaged during a
mood a few years ago...did it
in one straight gesture of time...
i keep torn fragments, mostly
pics from National Geographic,
though some of these were from
other magazines...
thanks for liking it..
thanks for coming by here...