Saturday, September 4, 2010

a little more to do


i think making this futon cover is
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jude said...

good because you have a bit of a journey ahead.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude...a little, well, yes. i
think the panel needs to be about
2ft longer and then there needs to
be 8 or 9 more of
yes...a bit of a journey. but
the very best part is that it
can be ANYTHING.

Deb G said...

I've taken mine off and am redoing patches of it. Decided I wanted the squares smaller. Long journey...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

DebG ~ i'm wondering what it means
that i am so fond of working in
panels..?..not squares...i really
like putting squares INTO panels
but like the feel of rectangles.
someone must have done research
about this you would think.
i hope the basic cover will not
be too long a journey here. i am
sssooooo tired of the sheet on
it and know that not too long from
now it will be wool blanket time.
the 3 little ones burrow into the
folds of the blanket.* so the blanket will be on the seat of the
couch, but the whole cover will
be on the back too and i will LIKE
looking at it...wonder what that
will feel like?
I take whatever is on there to the
laundromat about every two weeks
so the denim makes me very happy because it will only become more and more beautiful with repeated
and the ecstatic part comes in with
the hand stitching. i just am
crazy with what that feels like...
to HAND STITCH something this large and this functional is a real trip. and as i sew, i watch
how the threads i am sewing are
actually WEAVING in with the threads of the cloth...just as
jude said: "stitching is weaving".
i want to actually strip weave parts of it too. and then, after
it is together and functional and
the dogs are weaving in their hair,
i can add small things of beauty.
*there is no heat in here at night.
i let the wood stove go out. i'd
like to break them of the habit
of being in bed with me. 4 dogs
and a cat are toooooo much.

i hope you blog about your changes.
it was your Inspiration in the
first place......xo

Deb G said...

I will. I also wanted to add some weaving. I started that big patch of woven denim for a cover on my rocking chair but really liked it when I draped it over the couch. The denim has such a soft comfortable texture to it, I like it much better than the cover I originally made, some type of cotton mix.

The dogs sleep with me too, and when it's really cold, I have a gas fire place for heat and it doesn't heat the whole house, the cat tries to snuggle in too. Unfortunately, my little one (the chihuahua) who is a burrower like yours, likes to come charging out from under the covers and the chases the cat off almost every time. Hazel (the cat) has learned to wait until Lola is really settled and then she sneaks in. I have to admit they provide a lot of heat.

Oh and I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason we all choose the shapes we do.... :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

DebG~we could be the same house.
pretty much same scenario here,
tho cat, Tazmeena, waits until
things are all quiet so she can
smash up on my legs which drives
me crazy until i am unconscious
in dreamtime.
i might relent when it gets cold.
easy to make plans when it's still
in the 60's at night