Friday, September 3, 2010

wild ones


so close to bindweed here
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fabriquefantastique said...

so very sweet

jude said...

just there. loving it.

Storycloth said...

Hi there - these are special to me and you have reminded me of this. Gilly

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and the "wild" morning glories there were white They were rampant and quite happy to be strangling anything in their path. I've grown the Heavenly Blue ones and also some quite similar to your purple "wild ones".

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

annemarie i spent a short time
in Vancouver, BC that i remember as
a Dreamtime, and i remember those
white morning glories and an
equally white cat named grace who
would sit in their midst...

helen said...

I was wondring how everyone who has commented here and on Jude's blog keeps these from strangling all your other plants? I erroneously planted some a few years back and they took over everything and it's kind of a mess, I almost wish I hadn't planted them, but they are so pretty, and I didn't know. Someone told me they are band in the south cause of choaking other plants????

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

helen...these just occurred. i've
tried planting Heavenly Blues to
no avail. these are indigenous it
seems and yes, they do get crazy.
now and then.
where it matters,
i cut them at the bottom, the vines,
for instance if it appears that
i have a Morning Glory Bush instead of a tomatoe plant....
but they make an enormous number of
seeds and so there is never any
worry of doing them in. the birds
like the seed. Heavenly Blues are
hallucinogenic...maybe these are
too? maybe that's why the sparrows
seem to perform in the winter, like
a circus act...all these acrobatics
and line dances on the fence????
Who Knows!
there seems to be some kind of
odd balance, and i just go with