Saturday, September 18, 2010



today it is the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats at the New Mexico State Fair.
then, home, trying to work on the Window Hanger and my across the road neighbor calls, all wild,
a snake is in her livingroom.
off i go.
frightened little young snake, back and forth...under couch, under chair
i throw a dish towel over it, cuddle it up, carry out and then have to shoo it across the yard to the
Dear it. seemed tired and needing rest.

it was very pretty.
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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i loved this little girl.

this is how stuff "gets inside" us
we see something.
sometimes when we are very young,
sometimes later in a life
but it
or imprints
and stays
sometimes quietly growning till
it wants to bloom

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Suzanna said...

Oh and I think those dwarf goats would be hard to resist...

Are you curious about me? said...

Your neighbour had a snake in her house!!! Grace you are one brave lady picking it up.

Tea towels are not just for the washing up!

We found a family of field mice in the garden yesterday, that's about all the wild life we get here, I wouldn't be quick enough to pick them up.

I hope you had a lovely time at the Fair.

~ Julie

Deb G said...

I am the resident rescuer of spiders at work, but snakes, nope. If my garden was just a bit bigger I'd take a goat though.

jude said...

i wish there were more snakes here. i have only seem one tiny one right before the cat ate it. it was probably pretty too.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i wished i'd thought to take the would have loved it.
had the most intricate and perfect
black/white pattern and then a
surprising patent leather looking
shining black head and neck. if
she weren't so paniced i'd have
tried to bring it home.

good thing is, if there was one
tiny snake, there were for sure
more that didn't get eaten. they
are just such private beings.

Penny Berens said...

Poor wee snake, must have been terrified.

nandas said...

well that snake design probably got inside you... so i bet it shows up in an embroidery somewhere!

Mnemosyne said...

i've stepped on and accidentally touched snakes so many times i've lost count. even poisonous ones. they've some sort of bizarre affection for me. the latest was a bitty black snake while i was running the other day. out in the road just chillin. i've missed your posts. :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

All: ..about snakes...i grew up
from the time i was 4yrs old
handling all manner of reptiles,
insects, animals, amphibians.
my best and only friend's father
was the science teacher and
naturalist at the residential
training school for boys (in
those days, they were called
juvenile delinquents) that was
across the road from my home.
she and i spent all our free time
in his Nature Room. He was a
second father to me.

the daughter is very
serious about establishing a
herd of dairy goats. Milk and
Cheese, the cheese making will
be my end of the endeavor. they
are wonderful and funny and great.

kaite said...

snakes are fine by me, i'm pleased you were able to rescue it. k.

Patty said...

Snakes have had too much bad press!

They only want a fair share of our space and we see plenty of these helpers out in the country. We don't freak out when they slither by. In return they keep the mice population down. I think that's a good deal.