Thursday, September 2, 2010

couldn't wait


had to begin at least a little. other things needing to be finished, but i couldn't wait. the wheat colored
square is one of 6 linen placemats that i also got. one or more will be incorporated.
i have needed something for this futon couch for a long time. it's the dogs'. they are neurotic about it.
in warm weather i put a sheet over the cushion, in cold, a wool blanket. i almost never sit there because
the moment i do, they are all there, thrilled and climbing all over me and each other. there are four of

i want to thank You All for hanging in there with me as i worked my way through the Raven cloth. i really
appreciate each comment and thought about what was said as i worked. i think i reached a critical point
in my learning curve in being able to express something very close to my Heart, that is actually REAL
here, but also to let it go just enough so it could also represent other things for other people.

so, again...thank you. it is such a good feeling to see your comments appear. and also come to know each
of you more and more by the exchange.

much love and appreciation to you
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Mnemosyne said...


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

mnem back atcha

Deb G said...

Your cover is going to be fantastic! It's the same way at my house, the minute I sit on the couch I have both dogs keeping me company. That's a really important stage with your raven....

jude said...

slow going is a kind of waiting isn't it?

Jacky said...

Aahhhh... I have four dogs also so I know what you mean. One of ours is a rottweiller X rhodesian ridgeback who weighs approx. 40kg so when he comes to join you...there aint much room left.
I am liking the look of your new futon cover (and I'm sure the dogs will too).
Lovely to join you on your blog.

Jacky xox

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

DebG..i remember reading you
writing on your blog about a denim
cover...seems like a million years
ago..couldn't have been even a
year yet, really, and thinking
that i could NEVER be able to
attempt such a thing...
and yes. thank you. the Raven
taught me a Lot.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

jude ~ somehow it all seems to be
blending together, all becoming
just one thing..
slow and
going and
waiting and
continuing and


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jacky..thanks. you have a very
clear "presence" that feels good.
Rhodesian Ridgeback...yes..i lived
in a house with one for a while.
I LOVE their feet...their toes.
Desert runners........

Anonymous said...

grace, dog people are good for human people.
blogger doesn't let me comment on your site anymore-

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

ACK,Velma what is happening????
nothing is changed..????????

nandas said...

are these those "new" dresses? or did the old one contribute?

Jacky said...

And you have a very 'warm' and 'inquisitive' presence my friend... and yes, I do love Leroys feet. When I get home I will post a photo of him for you...the most gentle, loving soul.

jacky xox