Friday, September 3, 2010

this edge


it's taking a while. and could happen no other way than it is, by doing, as i go,

but this morning i am so taken by this piece of denim where it was gathered to the bodice. it looks like
the rains look in Monsoon storms coming at this place in a literal sheet of water with lightning strikes
announcing the
i couldn't let this disappear into a seam but had to stitch it to the top.
and here is the absolute wonder of what i am just now beginning to know
about what i have learned so far from Spirit Cloth; jude, yes, but actually Jude/her Cloth.......
that i can let the cloth tell me how to go forward and with just those 3 stitches...
invisible baste
split backstitch
i can create a world i never dreamed.
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jude said...

we only need simple things. like the wind.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Storycloth said...

Yes yes - I am resting more in this too. Start simple and then listen. Gx

Deb G said...

With the denim, I keep finding these little spots that are just so quietly rich with detail.

This past week has been full of moments when I've realized that it might be human nature to make things more complicated than it has to be. :)

Jacky said...

I love the story the cloth is telling you...the sheets of rain in the monsoon storm.

My three favourite stitches...we have a lot to thank Jude for.

Sending you a BIG hug today!

Jacky xox