Sunday, August 29, 2010

what if



cloths begin telling stories that you don't even guess might be a story? What If, they are ways for things
to talk between one another? Things being
either that have already in needing resolution
that are in some Realm of Possibility...?

this cloth, i thought, was about Place. about how Place feels. whether Place means a specific place on
the planet, or
one's Place in the life of humankind.
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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nobody needs to feel compelled to deal with's ok.
maybe it's just me, and that's ok.

but i clicked on the enlargement of
the small figure and i look at the
the "body" of the small figure is
of a piece of blue denim from one
of my "uniforms", which is a
jumper. a denim dress thingy with
no sleeves which i wear when it's
hot with nothing under it and then
wear when it's not hot with a Tshirt and cotton leggings under
it through September~November until
maybe March.
i look at the fibers of the denim
of the little blank face
the cotton muslin
the embroiderfloss
and see
how they are all related, similar
and how this is a gigunda Story
to me................

nandas said...

well it is... a gigunda story... look at the relationship of the girl (you) to the whole... universe. it is large on all levels. this can not be a small story. even the fabric comes from your identity... the fraying edges say more. the color blue? that particular blue... yes i would say this is a large story. as large as the sky.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Jacky said...

I am not familiar with the word gigunda (I will have to look that up).

Definately a story cloth, this cloth evokes so many feelings.

Have we found a place or are we looking for a place? Eternally searching....and a place for which compartment of our life? I know for me my 'family place' is at home on the farm. I know that I love being near lakes and beautiful green pastures and bushland...they are 'my' places. Does that make sense?

Love your posts Grace and your beautiful thoughts you put into words for us.

Jacky xox

jude said...

i think there is natural story in our making. the things we choose to use and how we arrange them. if we are listening of course. i realize that if you don't keep considering you might miss that.

Penny Berens said...

Oh, I'm sure they tell us the stories we need to hear. Kind of like poured intuitive painting that you have no control over but your purpose is just to find out what the cloth/painting has to tell you.

Marti said...

Sense of place while physical is so much more, is carried within. You've created a sanctuary, a place where the wild things grow, where the creatures of the desert come and go, where raven swoops by and down and circles. Your cloth speaks of this, this small figure in her denim dress, who had a dream and made it real. Now you are possibly facing a new reality but wherever you go, you will take that with you. Wherever you go, the story continues as a new dream evolves because place is also where those we love the most reside and it is that love that transforms and continues the story of the land, the woman, la familia, ...

Deb G said...

I think there is almost always more than one story, more than one answer, that the best things have more than one thread to pull...

Mo'a said...

We are so small in such a large universe.
There is nowhere in the world that I feel this more than when I visit the two places in the world that I love the most...Iceland and New Mexico. Both places have a way of making one feel small and at the same time connected to the grandness of Mother earth our true home.
I am struck by how this piece illustrates this...magnificent. You have your finger on the pulse.

Storycloth said...

You know what Grace - I think this is incredibly romantic. Flooding romance. Surrender waltz. Spirit dance. Gilly

wintergreen.3 said...

It's perfect. Nothing else. Just perfect.