Monday, August 2, 2010



going all out.

me. son. how i get in presence of son.
oh well
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Anonymous said...

You don't look dorky. You look like a mother who is proud of her son.

Jacky said...

Dont we just love having our kids around us?
I'm off to see my son for four weeks excited, so happy.

Jacky xox

Kathy said...

I wonder if that "dorkiness" is not a bit of slap-happy incredulity that we as women actually made this man standing next to us. I know that I am more at ease with the creation of my daughter - she is a form i recognize, but when I think about the making of this man, I am giddy with the nonsense of it all. Perhaps that is also from being one of four sisters. His very birth astounded us! They come with that? Anyway, you are all lovely - and that granddaughter! Oh, my, what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Grace, I finally made it to visit, I am considering a blog myself as I dont want to leave off all you great classmates from beasts and spiritcloth. Anyways you look lovely, but my thought is that dorky is not a bad look, we are all a little bit dorky and if we relax into that and not take ourselves so seriously this might be a very good thing ? Linda M

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

linda...i agree. it was kind of a
relief to present the dorkyness.
done now and i can just go along
in the moment.
I am SOOOOOOOO happy you came here.. i DO want to keep the ties
that were created by the classes.
in my mind/heart, truly a once in
a life time experience.
thanks, thanks for coming here....

twhIch aye said...

ohhh sons... when i look at mine, i wonder did i do that? how? hahahahaha